Environmental Rally for N.C. House Candidate Ray Russell Draws Crowd

Published Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 9:58 am

At a rally for the environment, Ray Russell, NC House candidate for the 93rd District and owner of RaysWeather.Com, received endorsements from the NC League of Conservation Voters and the NC Sierra Club in the upcoming November election. The event was packed with citizens concerned about threats to North Carolina’s environment.

Russell said, “I am honored to have the support of these organizations. Their work protecting the quality of land, air and water in our entire state is essential to the future prosperity and health of all North Carolinians from Manteo to Beech Mountain. I will always vote to protect our natural resources and to hold violators accountable for damage whenever and wherever it occurs.”

Russell cited several legislative decisions that have negatively impacted the environment while providing ways for corporations to cover up and mislead citizens about the realities of their water, air and soil. Attendees agreed that Duke Energy, not taxpayers, should be paying for the coal ash clean up. Experts say the cost to taxpayers is anywhere from $5 billion to $10 billion. 

Russell also commented on the discharge of toxic chemicals like GenX that have made their way into wells and lakes surrounding Fayetteville. GenX is now detected downstream in the Cape Fear River.  Adequate funding for testing and permitting is needed to address the problems that the Chemours plant has caused. Requests for the funding have fallen on deaf ears.

“My opponent supported a bill forcing emergency responders to sign confidentiality agreements and face jail time for simply talking about harmful chemicals at the sites of spills and leaks, even if those chemicals put children in hospitals. Where is the moral compass of this legislature if they are willing to see children in hospitals because of the water they are drinking?” Russell asked.

Russell concluded his remarks by saying that standing up for the environment does not weaken our economy. “Rolling back environmental protections and reforms has been shortsighted. Protecting the environment actually will create new jobs in alternative energy and keep our state a healthy and beautiful place to live.  We must redouble our efforts to reduce reliance on power sources that pump greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. We can and we must lead the transition to renewable, clean energy. It is our moral obligation to pass down a clean, healthy environment to our children and grandchildren,” Russell stated.

Ray Russell is the Democratic challenger to the seat currently held by Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe). The election is Tuesday November 6.  Early voting begins October 18th.

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