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Electro-acoustic band Stokeswood Performs at Murphy’s on Saturday; Influences Include Radiohead, the Beatles

March 22, 2012. Stokeswood will perform at Murphy’s on Saturday, March 24. The music starts at 10:00 p.m., and the cover charge is $5. To name a few, the band’s influences include Radiohead, the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. Check out the band’s bio below. A music video follows.

Here is the band’s bio from JamBase:

Adam Patterson: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Mark Godwin: electric & acoustic guitars, vocals, harmonica
Young Pete: Drums
The Rev: Percussion
Reed Irvine: Bass and Piano

The Milledgeville, GA music scene will soon boast its status as the birthplace of STOKESWOOD, a memorable modern musical blend founded during the college careers of two of its chosen sons. 

Adam Patterson and Mark Godwin did go their separate ways for a time after their Georgia College and State University days; Adam experimented with a solo career, while Mark started a band, EDA, in Milledgeville. The two came together again, and by summer 2005, were offering shows in Miami, Knoxville, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

The STOKESWOOD sound, based on strong acoustic and electric guitar licks, is filled with influences like Simon and Garfunkel, Radiohead, and the Beatles, to name a few, and clearly illuminates those emanations under the light of a more present time. The STOKESWOOD performance reflects an energy that is at once tranquil and energizing. “We play with a lot of feel and passion and that love is passed from the stage to the crowd, I hope,” says Mark.

College days quickly dissolved into years of playing the local circuit, Athens, Atlanta and Milledgeville, and building a following among fans in the region. Adam states, “We want people to walk away knowing that we left everything we had on the stage.” The sound that results from this collaboration is almost too power-filled to come from a duo. And that’s a good thing.

In 2007 the next evolution will take stride as STOKESWOOD expands to five members. Pete Alexander, “Young Pete,” STOKESWOOD’s new drummer has already toured the world with his previous band, El Pus and brings his own tight and humble skills to the backbone of an already rythmic sound. Percussionist Craig Gendreau, who has been playing with STOKESWOOD for close to a year now takes a permanent spot and brings his vast musical knowledge to the table. “The Rev” as he’s known is a jack of all trades and currently a music teacher. The low end will now be filled by the bass and piano stylings of long time friend and musician Reed Irvine.

When time allows, Adam Patterson and Mark Godwin can be found at a little place in Atlanta, down a street called STOKESWOOD, honing their magic, writing new material, and planning their own sort of musical journey.


For more information about the show, call Murphy’s at 828-264-5117. For more info about the band, click to www.myspace.com/stokeswood. Check out the music video below.