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Doc Watson Tribute Concert Tomorrow Featuring the Kruger Brothers, Wayne Henderson and Charles Welch

By Rebecca Mullins

Doc Watson Tribute Concert
Kruger Brothers and Charles Welch playing at last years Doc Watson Tribute Concert

Aug. 23, 2013. For the second year in a row, a Doc Watson Tribute Concert will be held at Cook Park in downtown Todd. Doc’s colleagues the Kruger Brothers, Wayne Henderson and Charles Welch will play the bluegrass music we all remember from our days with Doc.

The concert will be held rain or shine Saturday, Aug. 24 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased from the Todd Community Preservation Organization for $15 or at the show for $18. 

Food will be available for purchase so bring a few extra dollars in your wallet for hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers.

Ticket sales have been picking up as the day draws nearer. Don’t hesitate to come on down to Cook Park with your lawn chairs and blankets for a concert to remember. 

The Krueger Brothers, Wayne Henderson and Charles Welch came to the attention of Doc Watson fans when they all played together at his funeral. Their personal connection to him as well as their musical prowess made them the perfect men to play for a Doc Watson tribute concert. They will play the good old tunes we know and love while including anecdotes of the man we remember.

“It’s like sitting in his front yard and listening to him play,” said Helen Barnes-Reilly from the Todd Community Preservation Organization.

The Krueger Brothers is a band made up of Jens Krueger, his brother, Uwe Krueger and Joel Landsberg. The two brothers happened across an album of Doc’s music when they were young, and since then they were hooked. When they were old enough, they traveled as musicians and eventually made their way to the  mountains they now call home. Joel Landsberg joined the siblings in 1995 and they’ve been together ever since. The group often played with Doc and knew him as a friend.

Wayne Henderson and Doc Watson in Wayne’s Guitar Store
Photo Courtesy of Jayne Henderson

Wayne Henderson is a fabulous guitar player and renowned guitar maker. The two were close friends and Wayne was building a guitar for Doc when he died.

“One of the last places Doc visited was Wayne’s guitar store,” said Barnes-Reilly. 

Charles Welch grew up down the street from Doc Watson. He began playing guitar, but refrained from telling Doc, probably due to Doc’s masterful playing. When Doc heard from a friend that Welch played, he went to the bar and listened to Welch’s music. After that, Charles and Doc were often seen on stage together. 

This concert brings together this group of close friends and musical colleagues of Doc Watson. In honor of his life and music, come on down to Cook Park for this tribute concert.