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Cooking Over the Airwaves in Spruce Pine; Pilot for Cast Iron Cook Show Debuts Friday Night on MTN

By Jesse Wood

Robert Parriott

May 10, 2012. The pilot for Cast Iron Cook will air on MTN on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. Robert Parriott is the host. This season’s episodes are different from Robert’s Most Yum Cooking Show for two reasons. One is that Parriott will film the show himself, and the other is that he won’t be cooking or filming in the kitchen as he did with Robert’s Most Yum Cooking Show.

“I’ve filmed other chefs on my previous cooking shows, and that’s one thing,” Parriott said. “But to film myself cooking has been a real challenge.”

For the pilot episode this weekend, the setting of the show will be Parriott’s front yard in Spruce Pine, and the theme of the season is cooking in the great outdoors, which he said is a new concept for him.

“The whole idea is to promote outdoor cooking, campfires and tailgating with cast iron cookware,” Parriott said. “It’s just a lot of fun.”

Parriott fell in love with cooking after his children bought him “The Joy of Cooking” cookbook in 1989 as a gift. After working as a cattle agent at the Watauga Cooperative Extension; a teaching assistant at ASU; and a biology instructor at Mayland Community College. Parriott’s show debuted on MTN in 2004. Shortly later, he had his own radio show at WASU called “Rock on a Roll,” where microphones were placed near the cutting board and live rock ‘n’ roll music played in the background. In 2006, his new career received a boost when Southern Living Magazine featured his show within its publication. 

Lodge Manufacturing and The Country Gourmet, a kitchen store in Foscoe, are the sponsors of Robert’s Most Yum Cooking Show.

Parriott will be cooking a pecan-crusted Halibut, a lemon and flat-leaf parsley risotto and squash hush puppies. To view the recipes for the weekend’s episode, click here

For more info, click to www.mostyum.com.