Community Care Clinic Opens Satellite Site at Old Cove Creek School in Western Watauga

Published Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 1:57 pm

By Jesse Wood

The Community Care Clinic’s satellite facility at the old Cove Creek School just completed its first week in operation, serving the uninsured in Western Watauga on Mondays from 10 to 4 p.m.

The clinic is located inside the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine, which is located in the old school and is available because the school is closed on Mondays.

Community Care Clinic Executive Director Melissa Selby said that Cove Creek site was selected because, for one, that area has among the highest concentrations of uninsured people in Watauga County, and two, the Cove Creek Development & Preservation (CCD&P) nonprofit that oversees the historic school and the Jung Tao School were generous enough to make their space available to the clinic.

“They were wonderful about talking with us about using that space on Mondays. The CCD&P were very excited to talk with us and were hoping to have a clinic facility there for a while,” Selby said. “It was a beautiful organic thing that happened.”

The clinic is open for both walk-ins and appointments.

Selby said full medical services are available out at the Cove Creek site and staff is available to refer folks for specialty care back to the Boone clinic.

“It’s essentially the same setup as here and we have it all bundled up and ready to go on Monday mornings. We pack up the car and go, ready to see patients,” Selby said.

The Community Care Clinic is still searching for a site out in Meat Camp and Todd area, which also has a concentrated population of uninsured in the county.

Selby said that the Meat Camp Fire Department denied a request to operate a site out of its base. While the Profitt’s Grove Baptist Church welcomed the clinic to open for one day a week in its church in the Todd and Meat Camp area, Selby said it wasn’t a “workable situation” because internet or cell phone service isn’t available.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful they’ve been. Even though we aren’t able to be there, I’m sure they will be an important part of helping get the word out,” Selby said of the church.

“The hunt is on and we definitely need volunteers,” Selby added.

Also, the Community Care Clinic is still seeking $40,000 to fully fund the satellite clinic at Cove Creek and community members that reside in the rural areas to serve on its board.

The Community Care Clinic was established in 2006 to provide health care services for the uninsured in Boone and the surrounding area. It serves 1,000 people each year with the vast majority falling into the “Medicaid gap” and featuring at least one chronic illness.

When the Affordable Care Act passed about 30 of the Community Care Clinic’s 1,000 clients were able to get insurance through Obamacare. The rest, Selby said, fell into the uninsured Medicaid gap when Gov. Pat McCrory and Republican legislators decided not to expand Medicaid.

The Community Care Clinic offers primary care, case management, health education, and the following specialty care for our patients: mental health services, gynecology, neurology, chiropractor, physical therapy, orthopedics, dermatology and more.

Partnerships with Appalachian Dental Care and Western Carolina Eye Associates allow patient referrals for limited dental and vision care.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 828-265-8591.



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