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Committee Calls on Teachers, Alumni, Staff of Old Banner Elk School To Share Memories


For more than seventy years, the handsome stone building in the heart of Banner Elk was a nurturing presence, where children began their education under the guidance of caring teachers and staff members. Their essence still lingers in the hallways and classrooms—if you listen in the stillness, you can almost catch the echo of young voices at work and play, happy sounds that filled the old school for generations.

It’s been a few years since classes moved to the new Banner Elk School, but there’s life in the Historic Banner Elk School yet! Now that the town has taken ownership, plans are underway to repurpose the building into a resource the entire community can use and enjoy. It’s a big project, and an exciting one.

As the old school becomes a new resource, we invite you to share your memories of your days at the old Banner Elk School. There is barely a path in our county that is untouched by former students, and sharing the history of the school through the lens of its alumni will assure that its legacy remains a valued part of the “new” Historic Banner Elk School.

As you reminisce about your school days, please share those memories and stories with us. We would be pleased to include your recollections in printed materials and on the Historic Banner Elk School website. Send your memories to us.

If you are in contact with any former classmates, please give them this information and invite them to also share their memories and stories. We are eager to hear from you and your ‘old school ties.’ Contact the Friends of Historic Banner Elk School, PO Box 234, Banner Elk, NC 28604 or email at SaveBEschool@gmail.com