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Boone Town Council Elects Six Eclectic Applicants to the Cultural Resources Board at Thursday Council Meeting

By Rebecca Gitlen

May 17, 2012. The Boone Town Council elected six applicants to the Cultural Resources Board at Thursday’s meeting, but that’s not enough to complete the picture.

Boone Town Council invited Appalachian State University, Downtown Boone Development Association, Boone Historic Preservation Commission, Southern Appalachian Historical Association, Watauga Arts Council and the Jones House Advisory Board to submit two nominations for seats on the board.

Each organization would have one seat on the nine-member board, which would leave three seats as “at large positions.”

The council voted Thursday to have four at large positions and to dismiss the Watauga Arts Council’s seat for nominations.

ASU and SAHA were the only organizations to submit two nominees, so their chairs were filled at Thursday’s meeting while the other organization’s chairs will remain open until next month’s meeting. Nominations for the other groups are due before the next council meeting.

Billy Ralph Winkler, nominated from SAHA, and Neva Specht, nominated from ASU, were elected.

The Board had some deliberation about whether they would hold off on filling the at large positions to see if nominees not elected for the organizations’ chairs would qualify. The board decided they would go ahead and appoint because these people got their applications in on time. 

Kim Wangler, director of the music industries program at ASU; Raymond Christian, a general education adjunct professor at ASU with experience on the Historic Preservation Commission in Burlington; Frank Mohler, with lots of High Country Theater experience; and Wayne Williams, an ASU professor from the health, leisure and exercise science department were also elected to the Cultural Resources Board.

Sam Furgiuele, the town attorney, said the board would wait for a full compliment of people before designating the staggered terms the members would serve.