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Boone Country Dancers Host Old-Time Barn Dance on Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Apple Barn

Oct. 12, 2012. The Boone Country Dancers will host an old-time barn dance on Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Apple Barn in Valle Crucis. There is a beginner’s workshop starting at 7:30 p.m. where you can learn all the calls that will be used in the dances, even if you have two left feet. The dance itself will begin at 8 p.m. and last until 11 p.m.

The dances will be taught and called by Frederick Park of Celo, who has been collecting and sharing dances for more than 35 years. He is an internationally known teacher, dance historian, choreographer and interpreter of traditional dance. Notable as hero of beginners’ dances, he also is highly celebrated among those who have a lifetime investment in learning traditional dance. On Saturday, he will lead the group in set dances in the traditions of his native Southern mountains, New England Contradance and other community dances.

The band will be Hands Four from Foscoe. Hands Four includes M Mueller on violin and his wife, Georgie Donovan, on piano. M Mueller has been playing for dances for 30 years. As a member of the String Beings and The Waits, he toured extensively throughout the United States, and with the Bayou Seco Trio, he toured Mexico, Great Britain, Germany and France, including the Bal d’Europe in Gennetines. M has spent much of his life studying folk violin styles from various traditions. Beginning with the traditions of Appalachia and New England, he branched out to the styles of the southwestern U.S., Italy, Mexico and Scandinavia. Georgie has accompanied him on the piano for the past eight years, with a pounding rhythm and a love of jazz syncopation.

Dances are hosted by the Boone Country Dancers once a month as community events where people dance, visit, enjoy the fall weather at the historic Apple Barn, meet new people, bring kids and listen to live music. The monthly dances bring together people of all ages and all dance skill levels, from young to old, beginner to expert. The dancers form a very open and welcoming group of people. You can come alone or with others since it is a tradition to dance with a variety of partners throughout the night. It is perfectly acceptable for either a man or a woman to ask someone to dance. It’s a great way to make friends with someone you haven’t met before.

For more information, visit the Boone Country Dancers website at boonecountrydancers.org or visit the Boone Contra Dance group on Facebook.