Blowing Rock Town Council To Meet on Tuesday, Appalachian Ski Mtn. Sign is Big Agenda Item

Published Monday, February 9, 2015 at 12:10 pm

By Jesse Wood

Feb. 9, 2015. The Blowing Rock Town Council will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 10 at town hall, located at 1036 Main St. in downtown Blowing Rock.

The council will once again review a signage ordinance amendment for the Appalachian Ski Mtn.’s proposed sign along U.S. 321, at the intersection of Edmisten Road. While the general public, local business owners and town leaders seemed to support the project, the Blowing Rock Town Council noted its concern with the scale of the sign and of setting a “precedent” along the U.S. 321 corridor.

The council sent the matter back to the planning board, which again recommended the project to the council.

The Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce sent out an email encouraging citizens to voice their support of the project to the council on Tuesday: “Appalachian Ski Mountain has been an integral part of Blowing Rock for over 50 years. The Moretz family has provided countless jobs for our citizens and significantly contributed to our economy through the years. The Chamber encourages you to attend this meeting where an important decision will be made.”

See the entire agenda of Tuesday’s meeting below:


Mayor J.B. Lawrence

      Jan. 13, 2015 Regular Council Meeting (under final review; will be added prior to Council meeting)
      Jan. 18-20, 2015 Council Retreat (under final review; will be added prior to Council meeting) 


Highway 321 Valley Boulevard Construction Update

Speaker:  Kipp Turner, Maymead Construction

This brief presentation is planned for each regular Council meeting to provide the public with an update regarding the project activities accomplished in the prior month, those planned for the coming month, and an update regarding current expectations of the overall project timing and completion.


Speaker:  Scott Fogleman, Town Manager

  1. Tax Releases and Refunds

Speaker: Nicole Norman, Finance Officer

Various tax adjustments over time become apparent and present themselves in the form of requests for releases (adjustments) and refunds.  Three tax releases totaling $510.20 and two three tax refunds totaling $1,118.46 have been identified for Council approval.

  1. Report of Uncollected Taxes and Approval to Publish Delinquent 2014 Real Property Owner List

Speaker: Nicole Norman, Finance Officer

Real property tax billed for the 2014 tax year (fiscal year 2014-2015) total $3,376,209.  Through February 2, 2015, $3,216,929 or 95.3% has been collected.  Consistent with NC General Statute 105-369 (b1), and following Council approval, staff will send an individual letter to each property owner and allow at least 30 days for payment prior to publishing the list of real property owners and amounts still unpaid as of that date (projected to April 9, 2015).

  1. Development of a Required Emergency Action Plan for the Town of Blowing Rock Dam

Speaker: Doug Chapman, Town Engineer

As required by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Town must prepare an Emergency Action Plan for the water reservoir dam.  It is to include physical information   about  the  dam,  a list of possible emergency conditions and  actions, emergency  contact  information, a list of facilities such as houses, business, roads, recreational areas, etc., below  the  dam  which  could  be  affected  by  a dam  failure,  contact  information   for these facilities  and a map showing the affected  facilities.  The plan is expected to cost $9,300 to prepare and staff recommends this be funded by an appropriation from fund balance within the utility fund. 

  1. Application Being Made for Governor’s Highway Safety Grant for Police

Speaker: Tony Jones, Police Chief

Of the items available for federal grant funding supplied through the State of NC, three items have been identified for the Blowing Rock Police Department.  If all grants are awarded, the Town would have the choice to accept them in the late summer or fall of 2015.  Matching Town funding required to match all grants would equal 25%, or $5,348 of the total $21,391 cost of the equipment.  Matching funding will be included in the upcoming fiscal year 2015-2016 budget in the event the Town of Blowing Rock is successful with the grant applications and the Town chooses to accept the grants.  The equipment identified includes a speed radar trailer that records speed data ($11,488), one handheld radar unit ($2,493), and a light tower (7,410).

  1. Mayview Madness Date of Saturday September 19, 2015

Speaker: Kevin Rothrock, Planning Director

The Blue Ridge Conservancy is requesting approval to hold the 16th Annual Mayview Madness 5k and Kids Fun Run on Saturday, September 19, 2015 in Blowing Rock.  Now that the Wonderland Trail road repairs are complete, the route is planned to return to its traditional route through the Mayview neighborhood.  The kids’ race will be the same route as 2014.

  1. Hunter’s Heroes Date of June 6, 2015

Speaker: Jennifer Brown, Parks and Recreation Director

The Hunter’s Heroes Memorial Race Committee is requesting approval to hold their 3rd annual  5k/10 mile run on Saturday, June 6, 2015.  The 5k route will end at the Boone Police Department and the 10 mile route will end at the Blowing Rock Police Department.

  1. Confirmation of Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Speaker: Scott Fogleman, Town Manager

Council appointments to the Boards and Commissions was discussed and agreed to at the January Council Retreat.  A summary of the new appointments and reappointments along with a listing of all the members on each Board has been prepared for formal Council confirmation. Newly appointed positions will begin with their respective terms and meetings in the month of March.  The ordinance amendment to reduce the number of members on the Blowing Rock Appearance Advisory Commission will be presented to the Planning Board in February and be forwarded to Council in March.

  1. Funding Adjustment for the American Legion Building Project

Speaker: Scott Fogleman, Town Manager

Several items that are best addressed during the construction period have recently been identified for consideration.  These items are being summarized and will be added to the agenda prior to the Council meeting.


  1. Appalachian Ski Mountain Related Sign Ordinance Amendment (2015 – 01)

Speaker: Kevin Rothrock, Planning Director

The Planning Board has forwarded an ordinance amendment to Council for its consideration. Following the staff presentation and the public hearing, Council may take action on this item.


Any item pulled from the consent agenda will be discussed at the end of this portion of the agenda.

  1. Bid Award Consideration for Public Works Building Project

Speaker: Doug Chapman, Town Engineer

Bids for the project were received February 3, 2015.  Staff is currently reviewing the bids and the related financial parameters.  A staff report will be added to the agenda prior to the Council meeting.


Prior to the meeting, anyone wishing to speak shall complete an index card supplied by the Town Clerk, on which they will provide their name, address, telephone number and the topic they wish to address. In deference to all who wish to speak, each speaker will be asked to limit his or her comments to no more than three (3) minutes.


An executive session will be called.



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