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ASU Student Creates, Co-Founds Nonprofit Organization: Beautiful You MRKH Foundation to Launch Oct. 9

Oct. 1, 2012. Christina Ruth, a college student at Appalachian State University has helped create and co-found a nonprofit organization that benefits unique females. It’s called the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation.

“The mission of the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation is to create a supportive community that partners with health care professionals to increase awareness and empower women of all ages with MRKH to feel beautiful, just as they are,” Ruth wrote in a Sept. 28 email.

MRKH is a congenital condition that approximately affects 1 in 4500 females. The diagnosis can be devastating and females are typically diagnosed quite young, from ages 13-18. To learn more about MRKH, visit: http://www.beautifulyoumrkh.org/Info.html.

Ruth will celebrate her 30th birthday (on Oct. 9) by launching the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation.

“I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday this way for multiple reasons that I’ve stated above but also in hopes of slowly taking away the shame that is associated with this syndrome,” she wrote. “MRKH is a ‘secret syndrome’ and many of the females I’ve spoken to feel a sense of shame, which is sad because MRKH is something they are born with, and because of these feelings, many medical reports have shown that females with MRKH have lower self-esteem, they feel unlovable, and many suffer from eating disorders. My goal is to let females of all ages with MRKH, realize they are beautiful, just as they are, and I hope their feelings of shame associated with MRKH will start to decrease.”

For more information, contact info@beautifulyoumrkh.org, call 717-468-0394 or visit www.beautifulyoumrkh.org.