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ASU Fall Color Guy Posts First 2013 Report: Current Weather Good Indicator of Vibrant Fall Colors

Photo by Andrew Pennestri
Photo by Andrew Pennestri

By Mark S. Kenna

Sept. 11, 2013. ASU Fall Color Guy Howard Neufeld, professor in the biology department, added his first post to his “Fall Color Report” on the ASU Biology website, predicting fall colors for the middle of October in the Boone and Blowing Rock area.

According to Neufeld’s most recent post, the High Country is green and will stay green for the next several weeks. However, the weather the High Country is experiencing right now, sunny in the day and lower temperatures at night and in the morning, is only another indicator that there will be good fall colors this year.

Unlike red pigment, the yellow and orange pigments are underneath the green pigment, whereas the red pigment has to be produced by the tree, Neufeld said.  

This pigment is at its most vibrant point when the transition to fall has more sunny days than cloudy. If there is no sunlight for the tree to undergo photosynthesis, the red-colored leaves will be dull.

You can follow Neufeld on his fall leaf Facebook page: Fall Color Guy

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