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AppalCART Records Record Ridership in March

April 2, 2012. AppalCART, the local public transportation authority serving all of Watauga County, reported record ridership of 152,683 passenger trips on its vehicles during the month of March 2012, in 68,371 miles of service.  Ridership increased 6.9 percent from March 2011 while hours of service decreased 2 percent and miles of service decreased 1.6 percent.

Ridership on the fixed route bus service accounted for 149,752 passenger trips in 47,110 miles of service. The bus routes had over 9,563 more passenger trips than the prior year.

Ridership on vans totaled 1,370 passenger trips in 14,785 miles of service. These routes include trips within Watauga County and trips to out-of-county medical destinations.

AppalCART’s paratransit service for people who have disabilities that prevent them from riding the bus service recorded 1,184 trips for the month which represented a 17.3 percent increase from March of 2011, with a 4.4 percent increase in miles of service and a 5.5 percent increase in hours of service.

For more information about AppalCART routes go to appalcart.com or call (828) 264-CART (2278).