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2020 going to the window period to protect seems to be a trivial

The long-awaited “Wonder Woman 1984” (Wonder Woman 1984) is finally coming out this Friday!

Of course, for audiences in many parts of the world, it is still impossible to watch the film in movie theaters.Not long ago, Warner announced that “Wonder Woman 1984” will be launched on HBO Max this Christmas, and all subscribers can watch it for free.

This film should be one of the most watched movies this year, and it is also the most popular movie that has given up on theaters so far this year.

Although compared with what happened throughout 2020, going to the cinema to watch a movie seems to be a trivial thing. But for the global film industry, especially for theaters, this “catastrophic” feeling may be even better.

“Wonder Woman 1984” was originally scheduled to be released on June 5th, but it was delayed for more than half a year, but by contrast, the audience of the film was already lucky.The 007 series “No Time to Die” originally scheduled to be released in early April, “Black Widow” (Black Widow) in early May, and “Top Gun: Maverick” (Top Gun: Maverick) in late June Wait, it’s hard to say when you can meet the audience.

Previously, there was a window period for any film in the United States from its theater release to the online streaming platform, but under special circumstances this year, the window period was shortened repeatedly.

The originally strong theaters have always insisted on the window period to protect their own interests, and the producers have to be obedient in order to occupy theater resources. But under the special circumstances of this year, the theater has nothing to do.

Obviously, looking back many years later, this year must be a turning point for the film industry.

Compared with Disney’s previous release of Mulan, Warner is much bolder. crs.ul.com/en/official-watch-wonder-woman-1984-ww84-online-for-free-123movies

“Mulan” on the Disney streaming platform requires users who have already subscribed to pay another $30 to watch. Disney hopes that the film will attract new users, but it is also unwilling to give up the box office revenue it could have earned.