• Mipso and Opening Act Kate Rhudy Give Legends Crowd Another Exciting Night of Music

    Apr. 25, 2016. I can’t say that I was surprised to see Mipso’s huge crowd when I walked through the doors at Legends. Like the band’s August show at the venue, fans of the “renegade traditionalists” excitedly packed the floor. This time, fans had the pleasure of seeing folky opening act Kate Rhudy before Mipso took the stage. By Bailey Faulkner – Photos Courtesy of Logan Hall / Read more…

  • The Mantras Thrill the High Country with Another Sensational Night at Boone Saloon

    Apr. 22, 2016. Walking through the doors and seeing the band’s sound and light equipment, I knew that The Mantras were about to kick off an unforgettable night of music. Having never seen the band live, I couldn’t wait for Greensboro’s most exciting “jam machine” to take the stage. By Bailey Faulkner – Photos by Kendall Bailey Atwater / Read more…

  • Concert Review: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong at The Local: How I Became Part of ‘The Flock’

    March 9, 2016. Throughout the night, I kept losing myself in the music. As I danced and looked around the venue, I would catch myself being totally mesmerized by one member at a time. The band truly has an ability that sets amazing bands apart from “good” bands: each member puts on a show of his own while simultaneously meshing with the others to make the tightest, most groovy sound that any band could ever dream of achieving. If you’ve never heard of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and I haven’t won you over with my experience, check out the band’s music or, even better, catch the group live as soon as you can. If you have a set of ears, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to become PPPP’s next fan! By Bailey Faulkner. Photos by Tim Hubert. / Read more…

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