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Ratification Process of the Equal Rights Amendment Moves Another Step Towards Approved Resolution

Thank you for this major article about the magnificent news that the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is still alive and the group known as United For Equality is hard at getting it passed by getting rid of the last impediment, hopefully.

Certainly the US Senate has enough sensible legislators to co-sponsor and pass this Resolution soon. Every nation since WWII already has Equal Rights language in its charter or constitution.(Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Why should any US Senator or House member hesitate! The ERA is chock-full of potential to put women in place so that the country experiences game-changing economic and job growth, and national well-being as other nations know. Some have experienced an increase of their gross domestic product (GDP) of NINE per cent (9%).

Besides, ERA requires No Funding. How many other bills are without taxpayer cost!

President Obama at this morning’s speech before the White House Forum on Women and the Economy touted the well-known benefits to business, families, and society of dropping any illogical, antiquated bias against America’s females. He made lots of sense when he said that a country that discounts half its population is weakened.

Absolutely not what the USA needs right now. 

What American legislator would really be against equal treatment for all? 

ERA is Win-Win. 

US Senate and House: Members, go sign on to these ERA bills now…then just watch the women come out to vote! 

Sandy Oestreich