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Publisher of ‘The Blotter’ Magazine Speaks Out About Marriage Amendment

I am the publisher of The Blotter, a magazine distributed throughout North Carolina. The proposed Amendment One could – among many other hateful things – forbid companies from providing equal benefits to their gay employees. I and my colleagues hereby state: that if it passes, we will categorically refuse to obey it.

At the moment this is a moot point, since we’re so small and nonprofit we can’t afford to pay anyone benefits, including ourselves. It’s a matter of principles instead. The principle that all our employees are American citizens, human beings and children of God, created in His image and loved by Him unconditionally (as in, UNCONDITIONALLY), and therefore deserve unconditionally equal recognition, respect, rights and benefits. The principle that minorities should be protected from the tyranny of the majority, since if majorities got to vote on minority rights there wouldn’t be any. (If Civil Rights had been put to referendums sixty years ago, Rosa Parks would still be at the back of the bus.) And, the principle that if any institution – such as marriage – is so fragile that it needs discrimination, injustice, cruelty and Constitutionally mandated apartheid in order to survive, then it by God should be redefined.

We invite every organization, business and municipality in this state that supports equality, to stand with us and avow: that no government or referendum on earth will ever force us to commit bigotry against our own people.

Martin Smith, publisher

Garrison Somers, editor in chief

Marilyn Fontenot, development director

Laine Cunningham, advisory board member / owner of “Writers’ Resource”

Richard Hess, media relations