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LETTERS / On Respect and Civility; Ugly Behavior, Theft and Vandalizing of Marriage Signs Outrages Citizen

Dear Editor: 
I am appalled at the recent incidents and ugly behavior of some regarding the proposed amendment that is to be decided by state citizens on May 8th. These events also are of deep concern to many citizens when media representatives turn a blind eye to such ugly illegal acts, and law enforcement does little or nothing about these destructive actions.
I am outraged that there has been numerous incidents of deliberate theft and vandalizing of property; trespassing on foot or with vehicle on public and private property with the intent of theft and destruction of private property; throwing items, like tomatoes, at homes after trespassing and stealing the yard sign, and church property being damaged or threatened. Even some local officials have been threatened. These blatant, unlawful acts of violence and intimidation cannot be tolerated in a truly free and decent society.
I am dismayed when citizens are verbally abused and defamed when erecting their signs in support of the amendment. The extreme ugliness of the amendment opponents have intimidated some supporters. Out of fear and concern for person, relatives, and personal and church property, some supporters are reluctant to exercise their right of free speech. I am not surprised when the amendment opponents are more than willing to assume the role of victim, while, in truth, they are the aggressor, the bully. Oh yes, the political correctness of victimization; they all cry, “Pity me!” But in the end, history has proven that they deliberately destroy cultures that others have painstakingly built.  
In my rural community area, there are several homeowners and churches with pro-amendment signs. I’ve seen only one yard sign with an anti-amendment message. Yet, that specific sign is totally unmolested, and everyone in this particular area, respects that homeowner’s right to his/her opinion and property. However, this respect towards property and right to an opinion is not the case in many other parts of this county, the Boone area, and other counties across the state. The violence, theft, and destruction are totally directed towards the pro-amendment supporters, their property, and their signs. Some amendment opponents have shown no regard for private property and the right for others to have an opinion different from their own. And the anti-amendment leaders have said or done nothing to discourage this ugly and violent disrespect for laws protecting private and public property.
I am alarmed when some say that churches or organizations cannot be active regarding certain social and moral issues. Indeed, it is their responsibility and their right to speak out on these crucial issues that profoundly affect our society, or what’s left of this society.   
Madeline K. Carter