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Observations from The Vote For Marriage NC Rally Held at WHS; Rally A Success Minus Minor Disruptions

Rally – a gathering for a common purpose, was fortunately held with minor disruption.   Three Forks Baptist Association hosted the Vote For Marriage NC Rally.  The WHS auditorium was rented and the invitation to the rally was sent to all churches and congregations as well as other supporters of the Marriage Amendment.  About 10 protesters were present; they were welcomed by Bud Russell the officiator of the rally, as everyone is invited to hear God’s message.  From all indications, the protesters are following Rev. Mark Creech.  While they were for the most part respectful of the speakers, one protester heckled Rev. Creech on at least 3 ocassions.  And, when the rally group split off into prayer groups, the protesters exited the auditorium.  The officers had to ask the protesters to exit the building after telling one of the speakers that they would be waiting outside.  Other, than the protesters chastising people as they left the rally and illegally removing the 12 signs at theentrance ways, the rally was a real success.  We loved the comment by Rev. Creech when he described how Adam responded when God presented him with his wife and suitable helper, Eve:  “WOW!”  Thanks to the host and organizers, Three Forks Baptist Association and Mt. Vernon Baptist Church for all of their hard work and efforts.  Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped with the rally (especially our friends from Ashe county).  Thanks to the Boone Police and WHS resource officer for maintaining civility.  Thanks to all of the speakers:  Dan Soucek, 45th District NC Senator and primary sponsor of the Defense of Marriage Bill that said about his opportunity to vote for the bill: “It was the right thing to do, to give the people the right to protect traditional marriage under the State constitution.”  (Senator Soucek described his vote as 1 of 50 state senators to give himself, 1 of 6 million voters, the opportunity to vote.); Jonathan Jordan, our NC State Representative and primary sponsor of the house version of the bill and attorney practicing civil law in NC, for debunking the oppositions contentions that the amendment would effect other civil laws; Ed McClearen, retired attorney who practiced law in Raleigh NC before retiring and settling in Ashe County, for explaining what churches and pastors can and cannot do with regard to their 501(c) status;  Rev. Mark Creech for reminding all of us that marriage is God’s institution and that all of our laws are influenced by God’s law; and said:  “Let’s be objective my friends. All laws are discriminatory, but it is discrimination against behavior. What legitimate basis could we possibly deny the polygamous, the bigamous, pedophiles or even the incestuous among us? They too could claim discrimination.”  And, thanks to the approximate 200 supporters who attended and those who took signs.  We had 125 signs for distribution with only 9 remaining.  It looks like we took Rev. Mark Creech’s encouragement for us to put “intensity” behind our “conviction” to heart.
[End Note:  We could not help but notice that Ron Fitzwater has taken up the obvious tricks of the opposition to the Marriage Amendment by giving it the name “Amendment 1”  in the opening of his  article and continuing with the same throughout his article.  This is a common ploy of those in opposition to deny the official title, “Defense of Marriage Amendment”.  Also, the title to Mr. Fitzwater’s article is misleading in that we are to believe that the clergy in attendance were not in accord.  We must remind Mr. Fitzwater, that while  Rev. Marcia Cham was in attendance, she nor United Church of Christ received an invitation because United Church of Christ had made it clear that they were not a supporter.  And, Rev. Marcia Cham also spoke against the amendment at the Watauga County Democrat Party Convention.  Again, a rally is a gathering for a common purpose.  Rev. Marcia Cham was not one of those in common purpose with the attendees nor the purpose of the rally.  According to the Watauga Democrat Party website, Rev. Marcia Cham is retired and a Chaplain.]
Deborah Greene