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Published Friday, September 4, 2015 at 10:41 am

“The doors of the nations which are closed against the manufacturer and financier must be battered down … even if the sovereignty of unwilling nations be outraged in the process.” Woodrow Wilson

“Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.” Edward Abbey

People do things by planning them; the simple act of organizing is considered bizarre and unlikely by brainwashed “consumers” immobilized by one hypnotic phrase: “conspiracy”. The CIA promoted phrase, “conspiracy theory” has mind-controlled millions of Americans. “Conspiracy”, a word for an act of planning: Something everyone does, especially corporations and governments. You must plan, organize, or “conspire” to get things done.

“You’re either with us or against us” on “conspiracy theories” and other “burning issues”: this separates Americans into opposing camps, and shades our military adventures. The “with us” groups are obedient slaves, especially the large population getting government paychecks, including private contractors, who do what the TV tells them.

The “against us” Americans, opposing this fascism, are labeled potential terrorists because they openly oppose and criticize “our government’s” theft, destruction, tyranny, increasing oppression, propaganda and deceit. Increasingly polarized, America will separate into open violence; those supporting America’s growing police state tyranny and those who refuse be intimidated, opposing the agenda of tyranny and oppression.

Americans using their First Amendment right to assemble and openly dissent have been brutally attacked with gas, beaten and violently arrested by uniformed thugs. “Occupy Wall Street” was destroyed by “our government” as it waged war on peaceful protesters. Their tactics; attack, arrest, harass, imprison, and prosecute protestors is American national policy. The first amendment is reduced daily. The very thing you see “our government” denounce when other countries act the same.

What human rights or rule of law did Obama respect when destroying Libya, or in the ongoing destruction of Syria/Ukraine. The press criticizes Islam, but you’ll never see it condemn Zionism and its provable criminality. Western “free speech” is really just license for the powers-that-be to demonize whomever the Empire requires, for its political interests.

If “consumers” cared as much about their government selling then out as they do about useless crap like professional sports we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. Government is morally obliged not to do hateful things, regardless of “the law” where legal and moral frequently separate but “consumers” have forgotten that. “I’m just doing my job” is no defense. Learn about jury nullification.

Government, abandoning the fourth amendment, says they have the right to search, seize, strip, scan, spy on, pat down, Taser, SWAT, and arrest anyone, at any time, using the slightest excuse. You’re guilty until proven innocent.

We pay for our livelihood, the wars “our government” starts, and the crimes they commit. “They” allow you to buy stuff, making them richer. Our homes and land are functionally owned by the state, which we rent by paying property tax: Don’t pay and you’ll discover who owns “your” land. Your physical person isn’t yours: The state owns you and says you may not consume certain substances, but must submit to others. You may mate only with permission, in “approved” ways. Your children aren’t yours but must be “educated” and medicated as the state requires. We call this freedom.

“Our government” is the bully and if you don’t see that, you’re supporting the bullies. Much of this can be traced to the nature of people who chase power. They’ll invent any excuse to provoke crisis that enables them to increase their power, influence, and money. Our ancestors understood that, which is why the Constitution and Bill of Rights limit government powers. No matter how well-written, a constitution can’t succeed as long as “consumers” are willing to surrender liberty for illusions of “safety” or “security”.

Secrecy is every totalitarian regime’s tool. Consider “our governments” savage response to whistleblowers who risk their freedom to expose crimes. “National security” is the excuse.

The destruction of several countries by the Empire in this century, supported by “our free press”, shows that the Empire obeys no laws. The damage caused by politicians can be demonstrated by their swarm of bodyguards. Americans are slow to admit they’ve been deceived. The rest of the world considers America as the biggest threat to world peace by a large margin.

Once, America’s enemies were few, but they’ve grown into the tens of millions due to the arrogance of “our government” and its pursuit of global empire. Nationalism always insists that its citizens are better than everyone else and surrounded by “a world of enemies”. If we’re so special how come our first solution is always war

In Northern Ireland, in 1609, English King Charles weakened the Irish with “divide and conquer”. He removed Irish and moved in Scottish and English Protestants creating Ulster in Catholic Ireland. Religious division became the focus, while the true enemy, Britain, was forgotten. Ulster was divided into “first class” Protestants and native “second class” Catholics: The plan of division was used to conquer Ireland and throughout Britain’s empire. Our Empire learned using it everywhere.

We’ve become the enemy, because the Empire has forgotten the one-time American idea of leaving others alone as long as they do the same. It’s the standard that made free society possible. Reject this principle and a free society becomes impossible. Little infringements lead to bigger ones until one day there’s nothing left to break. Democracy and freedom are the constant theme of every broadcast and politician, meanwhile “our” ruling oligarchy and its soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators run the show as they see fit.

America denounces countries for having religious elders or party leaders approve acceptable candidates. America’s political system requires candidates to parade before billionaires who select “finalists”. Every national elected office in America is for sale. Corruption, except America’s of course, is the world’s greatest evil. Worse than poverty or genocide, it’s worth removing any guilty government, destroying a nation, killing uncountable innocent people, and rebuilding again “in our perfect image”.

The Supreme Court allows organized interest groups to control “our government” but America still pretends it’s a democracy. Unless everyone notices that total evil has control, humanity has no future. Many believe government will fix everything. We’re the government. We’ve allowed our alleged “representatives” to call the shots for too long. It’s past time to restore citizens to their place as the masters, not the servants.

The Empire’s “consumers” think they’re free, but they’re incapable of considering alternatives. They’re “educated” at government schools. They’re “informed by journalists and analysts” who don’t question the official tale. Political correctness even prevents “educated” people from thinking.

Your taxes are spent spying on the world, or killing. America is the greatest exporter of violence ever known. Your patriot’s pride: You’re a citizen of the world’s worst killer nation. Sixteen billion dollars are needed to clean up the un-exploded bombs the Empire left in Laos, which continue to kill thousands but the Empire won’t pay it. Refugees from America’s military adventures in seven countries, enabled by the Europeans, are currently flooding Europe. “Our free press” presents the refugee problem as if it has nothing to do with America’s war crimes. Why should people flee when America is bringing them “freedom and democracy?”

Congress and both “political parties” are rubber stamps for the military/intelligence apparatus and Wall Street that control America. “Our free press” functions boldly as an arm of this ruling conspiracy. “Majority rule” decides who will be the masters and who will be the slaves. The Titanic is sinking and the orchestra keeps playing. Everybody hates the Captain and crew, but nobody knows who to replace them with or how.

“We’re developing a new citizenry: One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won’t be able to think.” Rod Serling

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