LETTERS / Why Do You Believe Those Who Have Proven Themselves To Be Serial Liars?

Published Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 12:47 pm

Dear Editor,

“Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex” Frank Zappa

It’s amazing how much “consumers” trust “our government” believing that central planners focus on creating the best outcome for them. Many “consumers” believe the TV telling them the economy is improving, yet you notice this ain’t so, as you haven’t a large income insulating you from reality. The essence of government is armed robbery.

“Consumers” are so drugged, immature, flabby and clueless, that we’re revolution-proof. Consumer culture led America to the end of history: a fat guy in a ball cap staring at an iPhone, playing fantasy football who wants nothing beyond material pleasure. They’ve been marinated in authority worship for generations so that it’s become unconsciously automatic.

“Consumers” love people in uniform, worship authority and don’t tolerate those who don’t. A positive aspect of aging is a memory of how things were from having experienced them, and contrasting Then with Now. In the ’70s, worshipping those in uniform as “heroes” would have been odd, like snake-handling and practiced by the same people. It’s no coincidence that mainstreaming holy rolling religion and fascism has tracked together: believe and obey. Buzz cut toughs doing the lord’s work, and Uncle’s, whether in the lands of the “freedom-haters” abroad or here in the “homeland”.

In Orwell’s 1984 society of total control, thoughts that disagree with the corporate state are prohibited. Technology enables this surveillance society. Snitches and cameras are everywhere. Police arrest those guilty of unapproved thinking. It’s growing, here.

“Our government” continually increasing its size, intending to control everything, will continue reducing your liberty; Imperial overreach: welfare/warfare bread and circuses, debt, spreading poverty, crony capitalism, rampant corruption, and oligarchic arrogance. The welfare state has dulled the economic oppression that would fuel Karl Marx’s revolutions. “Consumers” are hostage to insane rulers who control them beginning with state schooling, opinions birthplace.

“Consumers” generally believe official “history” half-truths schools teach. Informed citizens are essential to democracy. America’s History propaganda deceives people about yesterday and misleads debates about today. Given an unlabeled American map most can’t identify many states, let alone foreign countries: you don’t know where you’ve been or are.

Why do you believe those who have proven themselves to be serial liars: government/politicians?

Corporations/artificial persons, given government grants of artificial privilege, have more power than real people and fight for their continuation and expansion. These artificial/corporate persons are the most active and powerful of all participants in government/politics.

American “Democracy” is an illusion concealing America’s fascism, the result of apathy and disagreement among “consumers”. Those who really control society have motivation, and unity. It’s how and why they continually divide citizens. Those in the ruling class are shallow, greedy, immoral egomaniacs. They never perform good deeds. They’re not the best and the brightest, but the worst. They ban books. You’ve seen their actions locally, often.

America rejected Palestine’s election in January 2006 that America encouraged and admitted was honest, because Hamas won, exposing again the Empire’s lie that it promotes and protects democracy. The self advertised defender of democracy rejected a valid election enabling the rejection of other election results; Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine are recent examples.

America was never a democracy. It was once a representative republic. It has become as corrupt as the Ottoman Empire was. Show us where demonstrations and petitions have changed government action since Vietnam. That took huge numbers of citizen’s years to accomplish. Demonstrators, a means of citizen petitioning allowed by the constitution, are attacked, and jailed while the Empire berates other countries for doing the same.

“Our free press” speaks about human rights elsewhere discounting similar concerns here, in the Empire, but we don’t consider that because we’re not told to. America is lost to corruption, incompetence, and wrapped in apathetic ignorance. Americans don’t know what’s real anymore accepting delusional “group think”.

We’re sold fear by “our government”, to take more power, to “protect” you, removing pesky freedom. We’re told when the “majority” speaks it justifies our elected “representatives” in pursuing their objectives, forcefully if necessary. There’s nothing sacred about majorities and it certainly doesn’t provide any moral basis for coercive control. The majority of “consumers” are as sharp as a multi-colored beachball, with an imagination to match. They do, and believe whatever the TV tells them. “Majorities” form lynch mobs.

Majorities have little influence over government policies. Both “parties” do the same thing with minor cosmetic differences. America has some democratic features but in recent years the national election process has been questionable at best because of demonstrated computer frauds. One clear pattern is the large difference between exit polls and election results, a historic first.

“Our government” might have as easily been chosen by “a tart in a pond handing up a sword”. It’s a fraud, no matter how much it’s pumped by the oligarchs who own the nation’s “news” media. Read the polls, consider the actions you see “our government” take in opposite directions and tell us of our democracy.

Patriotism is one refuge for scoundrels and idiots who like to have their thinking ready-made each day by empty-headed “news” peddlers. “Our government” whips up emotion to create wars, so that we won’t question our “mainstream” assumptions and demand rational institutions and laws.

Dissatisfaction with “our government” and its tactics is growing by those who are tired of being used. The issue won’t matter; a rancher standing his ground over grazing rights, or community outrage over police shootings; these are the ingredients of a powder keg waiting for a spark to set it off.

Thinking Americans are frustrated with our helplessness to stop the crazy actions of our overlords. Refuse to be passive; say to others: “not in my name”, and speak about reality beyond the crap you see on TV.

A recent poll shows 59% of Americans support torture confirming the collapse of American culture into ignorant, chicken-hawk, statist war-mongers. Is it because of corporate/government propaganda? Torture creates new terrorists. We executed Japanese for doing what we’ve been doing: torture, waterboarding.

National TV “news” is horrifying. On those rare occasions when I subject myself to it, it seems a bizarre world of shamelessness idiots. A lot of “consumers” take intellectual marching orders from the idiot-box.

Bow your head when some “support the troops” bromide gets blasted and you’ve done your duty. Some “consumers” consider state-sanctioned murder as the highest and holiest public calling, but the troops don’t defend any freedom when they invade and occupy small countries.

Craig Dudley



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