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LETTERS / Watauga County Commissioners Ambulance Request

Dear Watauga County Commissioners,

The homeowners and taxpayers ask that you take action to add a 24/7 transport ambulance for Blowing Rock and the Blowing Rock Fire District in your FY23 Budget. 

The County’s current system does not meet the “90/9”national standard of providing coverage to 90% of residents within 9 minutes.  The facts are clear. The recent annual report from Watauga Medics clearly documents the deficiency of the system. 

The Blowing Rock Town Council requested coverage in a resolution dated March 12, 2022 that also outlines the justification for the request.   See the Resolution below this cover letter. 

As you know, the demographics of the County are changing and the need for transport ambulance coverage outside of the current Boone centric system is needed by the residents throughout the County. 

Blowing Rock is the second largest concentration of residents and visitors who are underserved by the current system. As our officials elected to serve the entire County, you should immediately adopt a plan to provide coverage to all areas of the County within no less than three years.   

The time has come for the County to address this disparity and prioritize the health and safety of all residents throughout the County.  We hope that you will make this need a priority of the Commissioners and your 2022 re-election campaigns.


Tim Gupton


Blowing Rock Civic Association, Inc