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LETTERS / ValleCrucis.net Respondents Speak Loud and Clear

Dear Editor,

Respondents to ValleCrucis.net indicate a strong preference for the proposed Valle Crucis School to be in Valle Crucis but at a location other than the Hodges property. Many respondents offered unprompted and heartfelt comments. Comments are on the website.

As of early this week, 380 petitions have been submitted and 122 petitioners have presented comments. Concerns for a school on the Hodges property include: (a) concern that a school on the Hodges property would diminish the first rural historic district of NC; (b) Environmental issues in that only 1.5 of the 14 acres of the Hodges property is above the flood plain; (c) Traffic fears of a school to be located on an already bad stretch of Broadstone; (d) A school on Hodges property would have a negative impact on tourism and the economy; and (e) Overpaying—the value of Hodges property is far less than the $1.1 million being offered. Favorite: “My most important question about the current proposal is this: what kind of message do we want to send to the many students who will go to the new school?”

Lyle Schoenfeldt concluded that the proposed Hodges site is a “lousy alternative for a new Valle Crucis School.” In so concluding we have come to the realization that rebuilding at the current location would be problematic as well. Our current view is that a different Valle Crucis location should be considered, one not in the flood plain. We have identified several potential Valle Crucis locations for a school.

Our mantra is, “Sometimes everyone can win.” With some open minded and creative thinking, this can come to pass.

Lyle Schoenfeldt

NOTE: Lyle Schoenfeldt and his spouse, Wanda Hinshaw, are longtime residents of Valle Crucis and now the VC area. They have a daughter who graduated from Valle Crucis School. Lyle is chair, Steering Committee, ValleCrucis.net.