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LETTERS / The Buck Tops Where?

Dear Editor,

I have been critical of Obama in the past but last week really takes the cake.  His statement: “The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive” is probably one of the stupidest statements I have ever heard. Does that mean it was accidently released?  Just where does the buck stop?

In the first place the White House is not his.  It belongs to the American Public, you and me.  I am surprised someone didn’t ask him just what he meant by “My White House”.  No, I am not being persnickety about his words; I am curious as to what he meant. I do not think that he meant just the White House residents, himself or his family.  He obviously meant more then that.  Perhaps he meant his staff and therefore he can deny any complicity.  Or possibly his secret service (I don’t think they like him so…).  Or perhaps the servants, they must have brought drinks and goodies to some of his meetings and maybe they heard him.  Or the Marine honor guards at the doors (never happen). I really don’t know and I believe nobody does.  Therefore the statement is meaningless and an insult to all Americans.  He would have been better off parrotingSergeant Schultz in Hogan’s Hero’s with “I see nothing…NOTHING”.

 Then of course why did he say “offensive” instead of the far simpler word “wrong”? Why didn’t he say “The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is” wrong? Could it be that despite being “offensive” it is correct?

 Further the president never denied any of the quotes he made during insecure meetings (see “Olympic Games”, Sanger’s book and NYT).  In a manner he confirmed all of the news reports and books about this subject by his attempted obfuscation. In all probability the leaks came from members of his staff who must have been taking notes in order to quote so explicitly.  I choose to believe that to be the truth. Regardless of whether they were told to release his security disclosing quotes or not, the fact is he said those things in a compromised meeting.  Where does the buck stop?

 Just after the Senate adjourned for the 2010 Easter recess Obama started to appoint 15 of his nominees, depriving the Senate the opportunity to vet and vote on any of them.  “Circumventing constitutional Senate vetting is dangerous because President Obama’s track record in vetting nominees and other high-level appointees has been very poor. At least 10 of them have already resigned or withdrawn in disgrace.”(Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) – 03/29/10 11:34 AM ET) Obama has appointed over three dozen czars, more correctly tsars.  I thought Obama had a cabinet for this kind of stuff?  How about laughable Eric H. Holder, Jr.? Maybe he is not so laughable when he puts his politics ahead of human lives and America.  To appoint someone like that to Attorney General is the height of bad judgment. 

With a staff in His White House like that is it any wonder there are security leaks? Now I ask you, should we trust our future to an incompetent President who likes his buddies more then he likes America?  And doesn’t know where the buck stops?


Ron Bill.

Blowing Rock, NC