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LETTERS / Sue Sweeting: My Announcement as Write In Candidate for Mayor of Blowing Rock

Dear Readers.

After thoughtful consideration and following the encouragement of many Blowing Rock  voters, I have agreed to a WRITE-IN candidacy for Mayor of Blowing Rock. My eight years of tenure on the  Town Council, including most recently serving as Mayor Pro Tem, has given me the knowledge and experience  necessary to be an effective leader. 

As our beautiful Town continues to grow and experience changes that many of us would not have envisioned,  we must now address the realities of the impact that the State’s widening of US Hwy 321 has had on our  quality of life, along with safety issues it has created, such as speeding. The solutions will require active  leadership along with creative, and open thinking, as we seek new ways to ensure our Town remains the best  that it can be for everyone, residents and businesses alike. 

As Mayor I will be guided by a principle of “Smart Growth” that will encourage businesses and development  while actively seeking out and implementing ways to protect the peaceful enjoyment of our residents’ homes.  Those who call Blowing Rock home are eager to work alongside all of those partners who have an interest in  our town, and I will support that mutual cooperation as Mayor. 

Growth due to new business and residential development means we must analyze available resources as well  as explore untapped State and Federal resources that may be available to our Town. We must acknowledge  the continued challenges that we will face as a community, including the potential for development along the  largely vacant land along Hwy 321 between Blowing Rock and Boone, the increased need for 24/7 ambulance  service, protection of our natural resources and beauty, and the necessity to continue to improve our infrastructure by replacing outdated water, sewer, and other critical equipment. I believe that we need to  meet, head on, the challenges that we now face, and to be proactive as opposed to reactive. 

Fiscally and operationally our Town has never been in a better position than under the management of Mr.  Shane Fox, an experienced and knowledgeable professional, who will continue to guide our community  toward a positive future. 

We are blessed with efficient and effective Town Departments and we should continue to support them with  the resources they will require in order to respond to the needs of our Township as we grow and evolve. Our Town is governed by a Town Council that I have no doubt will continue to maintain the peace and prosperity to all of us who love Blowing Rock.  

There need not be any winners or losers in investing our human and financial resources in the Smart Growth of our beloved Blowing Rock. But, there does need to be a winner in this Mayoral election, and a WRITE IN VOTE for Sue Sweeting for Mayor will bring a fresh perspective to a position requiring strong leadership.

Sue Sweeting

Blowing Rock, NC

Sue Sweeting