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LETTERS / Protect Pisgah – Don’t Cut It Down

Dear Editor,

Protect Pisgah — Don’t Cut It Down

I am deeply disappointed by the U.S. Forest Service’s plan to quadruple logging in Pisgah National Forest while reducing protections for clean water, scenic vistas, and popular trails. And I am incredibly inspired by the 14,000 organizations and individuals who are objecting to the plan. 

People come here for the trails and the views. If the Forest Service has to log, they should pick a different forest. The most visited national forest in the country doesn’t need more logging. We need to protect our greatest assets: our pristine headwaters, our trout streams, our trails, and our scenic views. I am grateful for the 14,000 folks who have stepped up to fight for our forest.

River Harlan – Age 14 – Barnardsville, NC