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LETTERS / On Behalf of Hunter’s Heroes, Thank You for Helping Us Make a Difference

Dear Readers,

On behalf of Hunter’s Heroes, Thank you for helping us make a difference. Your support encourages continued commitment to reaching our goals of helping public safety officers, military, and community neighbors in need! Thank you again for your generosity and support! April 28, 2021 changed our community and reminded us once again of the sacrifices these men and women make every single day to protect this community. Hunter’s Heroes had already been planning for the First Annual Fall Back to Fallen Heroes Memorial Run and Celebration to take place on September 11, 2021. We were not prepared to honor two more fallen officers from the Watauga County Sheriff’s Department. The similarities between our first recipient, Deputy William Mast Jr., and now with K-9 Deputy Logan Fox and Sergeant Christopher Ward were eerily similar and the pain had such a numbing effect on our hearts. Hunter’s Heroes decided while working with our community those first few days after their deaths, that we must do more. “More” became a vision from Kody Blevins to raffle a “Thin Blue Line Jeep.” I know the past couple of months have been exhausting, exhilarating, but more importantly filled with blessings.

September 11, 2021, we had 246 registered runners, family members, close friends, Molly for Watauga County Lead, Officers from ASU PD, and Boone PD, Watauga County Sheriff’s Department Officers, come together for an event that made it possible to share $10,000.00 with the families of Chris & Logan. Every volunteer, sponsor, and donor are an important part of our work, and I hope they all know that. Our local community has rallied behind our mission since our first event on June 8, 2013 and last month we were reminded that we will always support our true heroes— “Fallen Officers.” Each recipient is a different story, with a family that deserves to know we will never forget and provide financial aid.

All proceeds of the Rubicon Jeep Raffle will benefit the numerous scholarships, and future work of the non-profit to serve the community. After paying Ross and Rubitrux, the Jeep was delivered to Kathryn Coley this week. We were able to sell 1266 tickets because of each of you. Every individual that bought a ticket is a Hunter’s Hero and we will make sure the money that has been raised will continue to change lives. Hunter’s Heroes has been devoted to making a difference in a small rural community in North Carolina and we look forward to doing this for years to come. Hunter’s Heroes is already considered a state non-profit, LLC. However we are now preparing our paperwork to finally have 501c3 status. We believe that having this status will take Hunter’s Heroes to the next level, provide more avenues to raise money to meet the financial needs, offer more scholarships, and assist other nonprofits. This will change the future of our non-profit and continue to change the hurt into blessings. Each recipient has left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled but Hunter’s Heroes will make sure their legacies live on. I would like to take one more moment to thank every law officer because each of you keep our recipients’ lives alive in your agencies. Watauga Sheriff’s Department, Boone Police Department, ASU Police Department, North Carolina State Troopers, Mollie Furman, Watauga County LEAD program, and the countless other agencies who help us make this event happen every year. We salute all of you. Hunter’s Heroes will continue to be transparent, and work tirelessly to celebrate, remember, and never forget each recipient.

Hunter’s Heroes Board of DirectorsCarol Jean Cook; Paige Mast-Blevins; Anita Chappell; Jamie Aldridge, Annie Knapp, Emily Neff, Abigail Swanger, Tracey Williams, Luke Aldridge & Hunter Mast

HH Board- Board of Directors:  back row: Carol Jean Cook; Paige Mast-Blevins; Anita Chappell; Jamie Aldridge- middle row: Annie Knapp, Emily Neff, Abigail Swanger, Tracey Williams- front row: Luke Aldridge & Hunter Mast posing with the Hunters’ Heroes Jeep