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LETTERS / I’m Angry About the Amendment Proposed for Our State’s Constitution

Dear Editor,

I’m angry about the Amendment proposed for our state’s constitution. 

Angry that the legislature would sponsor such a divisive and hateful act to pit neighbor against neighbor and one family member against another.  Angry that my gay and lesbian friends stand to lose their precious rights to any kind of legal union recognition whatsoever. Angry that the Amendment jeopardizes the legal rights of all unmarried couples, gay or straight. Angry that unmarried women in particular will be hurt by this Amendment by jeopardizing their child custody rights and the domestic violence laws that protect them from batterers. Angry that so many of all ages will lose their health insurance benefits. Angry that some actually try to justify taking away the rights of others in the name of a Loving God.
But then, other times, I find I’m less angry than just plain sad.

Like when a candidate for the Watauga County School Board, Deborah Greene, writes a letter to the editor trying to place a gold star on the forehead of her bigotry. She claims she’s leading the charge in favor of the Amendment because she’s “victimized” by the personal lives of others. She claims it’s her personal crusade to insist on “tough love” for those whose lives will be devastated by the passage of this Amendment. She believes it’s her responsibility to demand punishment on behalf of her Angry God.

What a shame it would be to elect a person to our county school board who is not only willing but eager to sacrifice the rights and lives of so many children and their families at the foot of her personal altar of intolerance and injustice.

— Pam Williamson
Boone, NC