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LETTERS/ If the Shu Fits…

In small towns, people often discover the truth of things by talking with friends and neighbors at the post office or maybe at the Food Lion on Saturday mornings. So while enjoying “The Making of a Sign” article published on October 10 in the High Country Press BR, I’m smiling at the thought of the real story making the rounds in BR this week.

For example, it all starts with who provided the picture to High Country Press:  Hunt Shuford, who most people know lives a stones throw from Brooks, the person whose sign was first stolen, and then stolen again. Hunt is a very close friend of Hunt Broyhill (yes, they’re both Hunts) and has been a very vocal member of the BRCA* sponsoring Broyhill and Dixie as candidates. 

Now if Hunt Shuford really wanted to know if defacing an illegally-placed sign was a crime, don’t you think he would have called Police Chief Miller?  Nope. Instead, he wanted Sam Garrett to publish the picture with the implication that Hunt Broyhill was the one being wronged. 

Did I mention the Broyhill sign was illegally placed on Brooks’ property—and the rightfully placed signs first stolen and then thrown in the bushes by whoever was trespassing on Brooks’ property.

If you’re thinking this is much ado about nothing, well it is. Which is exactly why Cat’s campaign decided not to provide a statement when contacted. I do believe most of the candidates want to win on their merits. The dirty tricks, rumors, and lies are hopefully not initiated by the candidates themselves but by the company they keep. 

* P.S.  I’ve been reading Wayne Miller’s Letters to the Editor about the BRCA’s legal move to now being a lobbying organization. I couldn’t help but notice BRCA press releases (on page 11-A) advertising their “charitableness” to the community just as their true intent surfaces.   It just seems wrong that it’s published on the same page as the Churches.   

Sharon Smoski

Blowing Rock