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LETTERS / Are the Banks, Judges, and Government Out to Harm Us?

Dear Editor:

Like millions of folks across our great country, I lost my income in the downturn of the economy in 2008, an effect of greedy Wall Street. Since then, I lost my home to an illegal foreclosure and have suffered from other bank fraud from two additional major banks.

But what the banks have done to me is nothing compared to what the courts have done! The judges have not only refused to consider my side of the story. It appears they have blatantly suppressed me and punished me regularly for representing myself, for defending my rights and property, and for insisting that I have the right to be heard.

For those of you that don’t understand, the foreclosure crisis is not as simple as someone had a loan, defaulted on it, and justifiably lost their property. During the great so-called housing bubble, predatory lending was not only a problem, but, after the loan was executed, the notes were often illegally transferred and related documents falsified. Then, after our incomes and the economy became so crippled that we could no longer afford those high interest payments, and we defaulted on the loan, banks without the lawful authority to do so, came forward and illegally foreclosed on our homes and property, and the judges and our government allowed them to do it!

 Since March 2012, without an attorney, and fighting illness and poverty every day of my life, I have sued five judges here and an assistant district attorney, four law firms, and three major banks. God only knows what they’ll do to me now! But I think it’s time to tell our government, at all levels, that what’s being done to the American public by the banks is unacceptable.

My time in the courtroom has been an eye-opening experience. But if you don’t have occasion to go there, you can’t possibly understand what I mean. Against their own Code of Judicial Conduct, the judges and opposing counsel seem to particularly enjoy preying on people like me, who can hardly make ends meet and who cannot afford a lawyer.

 It’s really time for all of us to stand up for ourselves and for all of us to take the time to learn what our government is doing to us behind closed doors, whether in Washington, DC or right here in the mountains of North Carolina. What I am seeing is the courts, banks, and legislators working together against the greater good of ordinary Americans, threatening the continuation of the middle class.

Please join me in saying, “Enough is enough!” Become informed! Contact legislators to ask questions and express concerns. And by all means, if you have been harmed, tell your story to the public. It’s what they fear the most.

Jean Taylor-Todd

Newland, NC