LETTERS / Anti-Semitism Charges Are Thrown About Like Confetti

Published Monday, November 16, 2015 at 11:50 am

Dear Editor,

For over twenty years now, we’ve been told Iran will have nuclear weapons next week, with which to destroy ‘defenseless’ Israel, and attack Europe. You might wonder how many people Iran has killed in that time compared to how many Israel has killed. Israeli crimes against the Palestinians alone have killed more than Iran; Israel killed over 2,000 Palestinians, including over 500 children just in their last war on Gaza, without including recent events.

All the Empire’s spy agencies have said that Iran’s nuclear program has been proven to be limited to legal, internationally sanctioned peaceful civilian use. When America’s intelligence establishment cleared Iran of a nuclear weapons program, Israel responded by assassinating Iranian scientists, creating faked evidence of a nuclear weapon program and pushing ‘our’ Empire toward greater economic sanctions. Their media campaign demonizing Iran pushed for an economic and military blockade of Iran using America’s navy and military bases in the area. Israeli officials want another American war for Israel along the lines of Iraq/Libya/Syria.

The entire Zionist political apparatus organized a multi-prong, multi-million dollar campaign blitz to undermine American diplomacy efforts. AIPAC mobilized hundreds of its agents, invading Congress with offers of all expense-paid trips to Israel, political threats, and “campaign donations”.

The question for “consumers” is whether we act as an independent, sovereign country pursuing peace through diplomacy or an obedient military instrument, directed by Israel’s proxies destroying America for Israel.

Netanyahu isn’t known for being accurate. In 2002 he told Congress the advantages of invading of Iraq by the Empire and removal of Saddam Hussein. Always happy to have the Empire pay the price to rearrange the Middle East to his liking, Netanyahu said: “If you take out Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you, and that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region”. Where are those ‘positive reverberations’? He recently said, several times, that Hitler killed Jews because the Palestinians made him do it.

Some Americans support Israel first. “Our government” doesn’t exist to support Netanyahu’s idea of America’s interest. According to the neocons that join Israel in controlling American foreign policy, countries with independent foreign policies, such as Iran, Syria, Russia, and China, are America’s “greatest threats”. The TV tells you the same thing.

Some insist condemning Israel’s actions is race-hatred. Zionism isn’t Judaism. Many Jews around the world, inside and outside Israel, disagree strongly with the actions, policies, and even the existence of, Israel. People are attacked for asking reasonable questions, or sharing under-reported facts that challenge official tales. Lives are being sacrificed to support racist Israel, violator of nuclear treaties, who is engaged in ethnic cleansing. Recently a TV program showed an unflattering, accurate map of Israel from its beginnings to today. It was attacked as being anti-Semitic. Some places you can go to jail for speaking truth about Israel.

Zionist Jews who founded Israel are mostly not Semitic, and their language, Yiddish, isn’t Semitic. These Ashkenazi Jews, as opposed to the Semitic, Sephardic Jews, have no racial connection to any of the ancient Jews. They’re mostly East European Slavs descended from the Khazars, a nomadic people that lived in what is now Southern Russia and Ukraine. In A.D. 740, the khagan ruler decided that paganism wasn’t good enough for his people. He chose Judaism, and the Khazars adopted Judaism as their official state religion. The history of the Khazars and their conversion is an undisputed part of Jewish history, but it’s never publicly discussed.

Anti-Semitism charges are thrown about like confetti. If I yell at Mrs. Blumenstein for jumping ahead in line am I an Anti-Semite? I don’t find Jerry Lewis hilarious: is that Anti-Semite? Is mentioning that 5 Israelis were arrested on 9/11 in a van at the G.W. Bridge loaded with explosives, 5 other Israelis were caught filming both planes hitting the towers on 9/11 and that they weren’t charged but released to go back to Israel, Anti-Semite?

Parts of Israel require modest female dress, make women pray separately, and restrict where women can sit on public busses. Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948 called for a Jewish state that “ensures complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants, irrespective of religion, race, or sex”, however, Israel’s cabinet recently approved a bill that would define Israel as Jewish, reserving national rights only for Jews. This officially devalues the 20 percent of non-Jews living in Israel making an Orwellian modification of Israel’s Declaration of Independence saying, in effect, “All citizens are equal, but some citizens are more equal than others”: official apartheid.

The synagogues are silent on the continuing and deepening oppression of the Palestinians, as if it isn’t happening, and Jews are innocent. The most hypocritical day of the Jewish calendar is Passover, where the liberation promised to Jews is denied to Palestinians. Jews speak about the ‘Holocaust’ and because of that, the need for the Jewish state of Israel ignoring the holocaust they’re creating.

Ignoring the fact that the UN gave Palestine to Israel without consulting its inhabitants, Israel’s justice minister said; “What’s so horrifying about understanding that the entire Palestinian people are the enemy? Every war is between two peoples and in every war the people who started the war, that whole people are the enemy. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads”.

Decades of the military occupation and colonization have affected all Palestinians, making their lives miserable. All negotiations have led to nothing but depriving Palestinians of more rights and lands. Do you expect Palestinians to sit and wait forever while watching their lands being confiscated and their loved ones being humiliated, arrested, and slaughtered? The root cause is occupation, colonization and the brutal repression carried out by the Israeli state against the Palestinians since its beginning. The media are quick to present the Israeli version of the attacks.

Jewish journalist I. F. Stone said, referring to his fellow Jews, “how we act toward the Arabs will determine what kind of people we become: either oppressors and racists in our turn like those from whom we have suffered, or a nobler race able to transcend the tribal xenophobia that afflict mankind.” For Zionist Jews, ideology, oppression, racism and denial has won out.

Israel’s apartheid and genocide uses American funding, weapons and support. It can’t persuade people of the acceptability of these policies in open debate. It continues its crimes by insisting that, as a government serving only Jews, any criticism is “anti-Semitism.” Israel, promised to present the world with a primary and exemplary case of Jewish ethical collective existence. It’s proven the complete opposite: a manifestation of Jewish racism.  Israel’s legal system is racially driven.

There’s no need for hate indoctrination by Hamas or other Arab group, a favorite red herring of Zionist ideologues, to explain Palestinian actions. Israeli policies and practices are quite sufficient. Palestinian violence then becomes understandable as a product of anger and frustration caused by Israeli occupation and long-standing aggressive discrimination against Israeli Arabs. Until recently the Zionist storyline on Israel/Palestine held a monopoly in the West. Now, finally, Israel’s consistent apartheid practices are being noticed and so that monopoly is crumbling. For the past 67 years Israel has oppressively controlled almost every aspect of Palestinian life. The inevitable result is violent resistance.

Israeli settlements are war crimes. America subsidizes Israel with other support, such as blocking all UN resolutions condemning Israeli crimes.  Israel is the largest foreign recipient of American aid even though Israel is a super-rich nuclear state already armed to the teeth. America gives Israel just over $10 million a day of your money. Couldn’t that money be used to better fund education, healthcare, and transportation? Don’t we Americans have enough problems that need that money?

I defy anyone to accurately refute any of this.

Craig Dudley



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