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LETTERS: Another Successful Boonerang is in the Books!

Another successful Boonerang is in the books!

On behalf of the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and staff, we would like to say thank you to the Town of Boone, the hundreds of festival staff and volunteers, local law enforcement partners, and the Downtown business community for the role each of you played in making this year’s Boonerang the best yet!

Communities across North Carolina strive to find something to call their own. There is no mistaking that Boonerang brings out the best in our community and brings back people who have this place sewn into their heart for one reason or another. One local resident appropriately called the event “Summer Banff,” – that event that seems to bring the local community back together for a special social function. The hugs and handshakes from those that reconnected with past friends and neighbors could do nothing but put a smile on the faces of everyone involved.

There will be time in the coming weeks and months to study this year’s event and fully examine the impact, adjustments, and opportunities to come. For now, it’s time to celebrate what teamwork and community look like as they play out on the streets and sidewalks of a town that is special to so many.

Thanks to Mark Freed and the Town of Boone Cultural Resources staff for their tireless work in making this vision become reality. Thanks for providing the opportunity for local non-profits to provide support for the event while also getting a chance to tell their story to new audiences. Thanks for prioritizing local artists and musicians of all genres and working with the Watauga Arts Council to again show the importance of the arts as an important stand of the fabric of our community.

Thanks to those that came to soak it all in! Your energy and enthusiasm was infectious! The good news is that so many of those stores, restaurants, and vendors you visited are at your fingertips all year long, Make sure you return and thank them for participating.

Here’s to Boonerang 2025!

David Jackson


Boone Area Chamber of Commerce