LETTERS / We’ve Racked Up a Huge Karma Bill and It’s Past Due

Published Friday, April 27, 2018 at 9:02 am

Dear Editor,

Delusional ‘consumers’ believe America is THE City on a Hill, Leader of the Free World, Defender of Freedom but we’ve forfeited our moral standing in the world. You should pray God forgives us for our greed, blood thirsty policies and our willingness to accept lies rather than confront uncomfortable, hard truths. We’ve racked up a huge karma bill and its past due.

The media has abandoned their role as skeptical watchdogs and become the propaganda arm of the state, complicit in and cheering on the corruption. They’re the public relations arm of, and owned by, those who advance this ‘new world order’. You think America has a free and independent media, but who taught you to believe that, and what do they gain by your acceptance of that idea?

You’re trained to believe whatever you’re told by ‘authorities’. The specifics vary according to your politics. When we’re told it’s obvious to those ‘in the know’ that hysterical fear is justified, we might demand more convincing evidence but, if what’s said supports our existing biases, no evidence is necessary. The self-serving judgment of a politician is all that’s required, and you know they never lie. 

When you’re a child you’re forcibly placed in a government institution where, for the next 12 years, you’re converted into a “good citizen” who defers to authority, grateful that you live in our ‘free society’. Much of your life, you’re taught to be obedient, compliant citizens who don’t question, or challenge authority.

In an actual free society educated citizens would decide what “fake news” is and isn’t. The rise of alternatives to the monopoly over global information helps some discover TV lies. ‘Our free press’ faces many alternatives, and much skepticism, including loss of trust worldwide. It’s no surprise to find the ‘free world’ using outright censorship, sometimes hiding it with terms like “fake news”.

Mainstream media with bottomless corporate funding, and ‘official’ facts, is cheerleading for ‘our’ War Machine. Believing otherwise is choosing the comfort of wool over your eyes. The “respectable” oligarch-owned press unquestionably repeats government propaganda providing public relations for the foreign policy establishment. You’d have to be a large fool to think newspapers owned by billionaires will tell ‘consumers’ the truth. Fictions are sold as facts to push a particular narrative. It’s all for power and money.

Syrian War, the Disney Version, is quite popular among many Americans and ‘our free press’; Once upon a time, a country called Syria was ruled by a ruthless tyrant named Assad. He was a cruel man who killed the innocent, which we never do, causing a civil war. America and Europe tried to stop the devastating civil war, and even generously accepted many Syrian refugees. Eventually America went to Syria, defeated ISIS, and is now trying to restore stability. This fiction is designed to enlist you a lynch mob.

America’s oligarchy opposes Putin because he resists their crimes in his part of the world. At the request of the Crimean people Russia annexed Crimea from America’s Ukrainian puppet regime. Syria, longtime ally of Russia, occupies a crucial location in fossil fuel and Israeli battles, but instead of bowing to America’s regime change game Putin is helping Assad kill the terrorists that America has been arming and training. ‘Our’ government is on record for decades favoring Assad’s overthrow. ISIS is active in the Golan Heights where Israel plans on stealing a huge amount of Syrian oil, but they’ve never attacked Israel.

It’s known that Russia runs America, manipulating millions of Americans, whom it hacked and convinced to vote for Trump. Our TV and politicians told us so. The corporate media daily sells fictions supporting the ‘new world order’ agenda. Fake news claims are used to reinforce the corporate system and to justify tighter control over access to websites offering real critical news.

‘Consumers’ are taught to believe there’s a big difference between “thorough government investigations” and ‘conspiracy theories’. Mainstream news provides this ongoing ‘education’. Democracy is impossible without truth which ‘our free press’ doesn’t provide.

Empires often end in chaos, but hurricane Trump has added a good amount of ridicule to the process. ‘Consumers’ can’t afford this foolishness which can rapidly become war. European politicians are paralyzed in obedience to the Rothschild gang, and Latin America is ravaged by American instigated crises. The rest of the planet is trying to stay clear of the crumbling ex-superpower.

What the ‘true believers’ ignore is as revealing as what they believe. Here are some of things they ignore: positioning American military forces around the world; the size of the ‘defense’ budget; Israel’s influence on ‘our’ government, the cost of undeclared American wars; the ever-increasing size of the national debt; the usefulness of nuclear weapons; the influence of the military-industrial complex; the implications of climate change dismissed with a hand wave: what if its real? The reality of exporting values that Americans insist should be universal; the consequences of NATO expansion; prospects for ending our wars and how it’s all presented to you.

One thing keeping ‘consumers’ from noticing the lies they’ve been told about the Empire’s target of the day is the unquestioned assumption that ‘our’ government couldn’t possibly be evil. They have no trouble believing that a foreigner could be heinous, but the possibility that ‘our’ government lies to manufacture consent for criminal aggression is ruled out before any real analysis of the situation begins. Investigate white phosphorus and depleted uranium weapons that America uses and sells.

The invasion of Iraq was sold to you based on lies but ‘consumers’ refuse to recognize that this happens repeatedly. ‘Consumers’ won’t face what this means for their worldview, and their self-image. Is it possible that there’s a power establishment governing our country which is so evil that it would engineer false flag bloodbaths to manufacture consent for changes it wants? It’s much easier to believe there’s a wicked foreigner hurling bombs at civilians, who needs to be removed by the Empire. Are you the sort who faces uncomfortable truths or the type who avoids them?

What counts as ‘protecting us every day’, is a bit different for ‘consumers’ than for more perceptive observers. The FBI claims “everyone makes mistakes”. Many organizations spend billions of our tax dollars while continuing to be ineffective. Would we all be dead without federal agents? Perhaps you prefer the CIA that regularly overthrows governments worldwide, and spent decades paying spies to report that the Soviet economy was three times its actual size saying that the USSR was a powerhouse that could defeat the Empire so we needed an arms race. 

Teddy Roosevelt saw the state for what it is. “When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not Guilty’”.

Governments sell increasing control as a way to keep ‘consumers’ safe, when it’s really removing privacy and liberty. Europeans have been given a false choice between ideological multiculturalism, and martial law conditions. It’s happening here as well but slower and less obvious.

The Boston Marathon bombing created total lockdown. National Guard troops occupied the city. Armored vehicles moved around neighborhoods. ‘Consumers’ were confronted in their homes at gunpoint or had guns pointed at them for looking through their own windows. Of course, they exonerated the authorities, and yet this incident inspired the phrase “Boston strong”. Perhaps it means being strong from behind your locked doors like “internet tough guys”, who sell self-serving, bullying nonsense. All this for one suspect we’re expected to believe.

They stayed inside fearing arrest knowing that if they didn’t they would go to jail because that’s America. Bostonians feared the police, the justice system, a domestic army ready to attack without notice and the legal system ready to allow that. ‘Our free press’ never say this. The average American can’t accept this shame.

Manipulating terror to control ‘democracy’ is what happens in the Empire because ‘our leaders’ are scared of having the facade questioned due to their repeated illegitimate actions. We’re living in denial; those who show harsh truths to ‘consumers’ are condemned; those who offer comforting lies are praised, victimhood becomes collaboration.

Soldiers aren’t over there killing and dying to defend our country or protect ‘our freedoms’ here at home. They’re over there killing and dying to protect the puppets America’s invasions install for empire and colonialism, which is different from killing and dying for country or to defend vanishing freedoms.

‘Our’ Iraq invasion produced ISIS. The regime-change operations in Libya and Syria spread the fire released by the Iraq invasion. That inferno created the massive refugee crisis in Europe. America’s civil religion: “exceptional American, leader of the free world”, says the majority in America supports serial interventionism. Never believe any government ‘information’ or the ‘news’ until its officially denied.

“Life is hard and it is harder if you are stupid.” John Wayne

In the Empire certain things are true that didn’t happen, while others aren’t, even if they did, and ‘our free press’ is freshly appalled each time they ‘find these atrocities’. Isn’t it strange that our free press condemns WikiLeaks for doing what they once did?

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality, judiciously, as you will, we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Karl Rove

America ‘solves problems’ with force. We’re crumbling economically, politically, culturally, but have great bombs. It’s amazing how the media, all together, weave their fictions, like watching a school of fish simultaneously turning.

Ads for child sex exploitation are protected by the First Amendment but criticism of Israel’s government isn’t. To paraphrase a biblical quote; what profit America in controlling the world by abandoning all morality?

America is run by an oligarchy that hides behind a façade of two-party democracy. Americans have been repeatedly deceived into war. ‘Our free press’ is controlled by the same gang that controls ‘our’ politicians. Thanks to the Internet we can find some truth. That’s why opposing voices are now being banned on places like YouTube and Facebook.

Does being ‘pro-American’ mean supporting the interests of the criminal government gang that’s acting for their own benefit?

Craig Dudley

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