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LETTER / Lets Get Together, Every Man, Every Woman and Child

Dear Editor,

Some of the population may agree that the economy is sluggish, others may not. Why waste money on the concept of litigation of gay marriage? Personally, I would care to see this money go to my elderly neighbors medical costs. Paying educators a salary that allows clothes that don’t always have to come from Wal-Mart. 

This is the solution I propose for the states’  that deny the concept of marriage between homosexuals. First we need to consider the Bible. Do we believe in Jesus? Jesus is New Testament. Ya’ know…judge not least you be judged? The New Testament does say not to lie with the same sex. Yet , I have yet to read where the New Testament gives me and you the right to hurt, subjugate, and generally harbor any feelings but, love for each other. The Old Testament seems to creep in to the teachings of Jesus in the “Bible Belt”.

Therefore, let us subscribe to the same standard of tolerance given to unmarried heterosexuals historically, common law marriage. Seven years may give you all time to re-read the New Testament, acknowledge that some families do have homosexuals in their gene pool. And, finally be honest about making America stronger during these tough times. As The Canned Heat, sang long ago, lets get together, every man, every woman and child.
Thank you for reading this letter,

Darlene Gunn
Banner Elk, NC