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America is Dying Because We Have Chosen Death & Warvangelicals Are Varsity Cheerleaders of War Party

Dear Editor,

I believe in a strong national defense but I don’t believe in our continuous wars. The types of wars we fight today are offensive, even though “our leaders” try to convince us that they’re necessary for defense.

 America has been at war somewhere in the world for all of my 65 years on this earth. WWI was “the war to end all wars”, which of course it didn’t. It was just a slogan. Americans like slogans. Slogans often conceal the real issue and make us feel better about ourselves.The wars on terror, on drugs, on poverty, and on ignorance are all nothing more than sloganeering. Itspast time Americansrealize that each one of those wars wasn’tstarted with victory in mind. It was the fighting of the war and the funding of the war that they were interested in.

Billions of dollars have been burned fighting wars that they knew couldn’t be won to makemany rich. We continue to fight in Afghanistan even though America is insolvent.No one can tell you why we’re there. Possiblyit somehow connects to 19 Saudis supposedly flying planes into the Towers in 2001 and “The War on Terror”, but that’s just a guess.

Somebody figured out that there were a lot of dollars to be made in war. A group of warmongers figured out a way to make millions by performing their “civic duty” supplying the ammo and often to both sides. Read, “war is a racket” by general Smedley Butler.

 Christian/conservative Republicans are the greatest promoters of this perpetual-state-of-war. They serve the Prince of Peace by cheering war.Someone called them “Warvangelicals.” They’re determined to evangelize the world through the barrel of a gun. Jesus warned us to be careful as those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.If you listen closely you will hear the death rattle of the American economy. Misuse of the “sword” is destroying America, in part, because of the cost. Will the Republican Party permit you to be a member if you oppose the wars?

 I am against an ever-increasing military budget. America has military facilities in at least 138 different countries including 218 in Germany, 115 in Japan, and 86 in South Korea? “War-mongers”, not liberators, is what the World calls us.

We have close to two million in our military and many are overseas. This “Policeman of the World” approach is enriching the Industrial/Military complex, which president Eisenhower warned about,but busting the American people. America is stuck in the “Cold-War” mindset. Why is it the job of Americans to pay for the defense of Germany, or Japan, or South Korea?

 How did war become a Christian/Conservative value?Christians are confused. Flag-waving Christians are the most ardent supporters of military intervention. They know nothing of the just war theory;a just war must be fought only for self-defense against armed attack or to right a serious wrong.  War is just only when fought by a legitimate authority and must be the last resort; all peaceful options must be exhausted before the use of force can be justified. 
There must be a reasonable chance of success; deaths and injury that result from a hopeless cause cannot be morally justified. 
The outcome of the war must be better than the situation that would exist had the war not taken place.  Does that sound to you like any of the “conflicts” that we have recently found ourselves caught in? America hasn’t fought a “just war” since WWIIwith the possible exception of Korea.

Some Evangelical favoredpoliticians want to attack Iran.Fighting in Afghanistan, or keeping Iran from getting a bomb, won’t increase our security.

We’re interventionists in the Middle East, in part,because Evangelicals believe that we have a religious obligation to defend Israel. To say otherwise is to be called “anti-Semitic,” “anti-Israel,” or “un-Biblical.” Listen to how often Republican candidates mention the word “Israel.” This makes Evangelicals mouth’s water.I am not anti-Semitic. I am pro-America. If we don’t return to an America-first policy we won’t be able to defend ourselves, let alone anyone else.

 America has spent a generation arming Israel. Estimates are that Israel has several hundred nukes. American foreign aid to Israel paid for most of their weapons. They’re the most powerful, well-armed military in the Middle East.

 I can’t find one Biblical caution to “protect” Israel. I do find the Lord asking us to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Is it the obligation of “our Government” to defend Israel? The Covenant was between God and Israel. God will keep His promise. Why do Christians see it as our obligation to do for Israel what God has promised HE will do? A broken, financially bankrupt America cannot protect anyone. Only God can do that.

The Kingdom of God is a Spiritual Kingdom, not a natural one. It is the “Spiritual Israel” that God has made the Covenant with. He told us “My Kingdom is not of this world.” It’s to Israel that Jesus will return and set up his “everlasting Kingdom.” Does He need our intervention to help him keep His Word?

Remember that bumper sticker;THE POWER OF PRIDE? Perhaps that’s our problem.

Warvangelicals are more concerned with protecting Israel than in protecting America. There is nothing “Christian” about invading a sovereign nation and killing innocent women and children. Has the American military now become the “Army of God.”

God is judging America, not because we are turning our backs on Israel, but because we’re a decadent, insolent, greedy, blood-thirsty nation. We’ve rejected God. Our works are “continuously evil in His sight” and our hands are stained with innocent blood.

America is dying because we have chosen death and Warvangelicals are the varsity cheerleaders of the War Party

Craig Dudley