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LETTERS / Treated Unfairly

It started when my daughter wasn’t going to be at school the day of the Science EOG. I told one of her fifth grade teachers a week before the test and she said it is o.k. she can make it up. When makeup day came, they scheduled it the same day as fifth grade graduation. “DUH” Why would they do something like that? If we had been told that, to begin with she would not have missed! I could not believe they were actually going to make my daughter miss graduating with her class to take a test.  I called the school Counselor that schedules the tests. She told me it was out of her hands, that she got her orders from the State and that they required her to start testing at 8:30 of the morning so she could get it turned in to the Central Office. She assured me there was nothing that could be done to change it. She told me if I would like to call back and talk with the Principal I could; and if he told her to change it, she would.

(Well what happen to it being required by State)?

I called and talked to the Principal he said there was nothing he could do, the school Counselor did the scheduling. He said he and  the Counselor  had actually  talked  about  having  the  test  that  afternoon  and  letting  the  kids taking  it go ahead  with graduation. Then they decided the kids would rather miss the morning graduation than to miss the afternoon play outside. (I thought it had to be done at 8:30)? AND did they ask the kids?

I personally think it was to suit someone’s schedule.

I even called the Superintendent of Wilkes County Schools he said there was nothing he could do.

Then the last day of school one of my daughter’s teachers sent a letter home with her about Strive for Five. They were having recognition for the kids in Wilkes County that made 97% or better on one or all EOG tests at the Stone Center May 29, at 6:30. My daughter made 98% on the Science test! (Yes, we are very proud of her)!

Going to the Stone Center Tuesday evening, she was so proud of her self and excited.  When it came time to call Roaring River kids she walked around to the stage to hear what Her Name Not Called” with the other kids! I have to hand it to her she stayed strong, no one saw her cry although her heart was broke and all her excitement shattered right there in front of her. I went over to the table where two blondes were handing out little backpack things to the kids when they came off the stage. I told one of them we have a problem, my daughter’s name was not called. She said if I wanted to just hang around until it was over they would get to the bottom of it. I said a lot of good that will do, she won’t  get to be recognized and walk across the stage like the rest.  So she said she would go see what she could find out.  She didn’t come back and tell us anything. Then they announced thanks for coming; it was over. We made our way up on stage. The Superintendent, the lady over EOG testing and others just kept saying we will have to verify it; we will have to verify that she did make 98%. They said her name was not on the list that Roaring River sent to them. I  didn’t ‘t have the letter or her test score paper with me to show them, but what did they think someone would come in there and make up crap like that? Why didn’t they have it after all the School Counselor stressed how the test had to be done at 8:30 that Friday morning so she could get it over to them? “HUM”

The Superintendent told my daughter to go over there and pick up one of t hose backpack things and that he would mail her award to her. When we went over to pick up the backpack the same blonde that was so helpful slaps her hand down on top of them and says we have to verify it.  I said “look” he said for her to come and get this! She still looks up on the stage for his approval. OMG you would have thought those things cost $500.00 each; when in reality they probably cost 50 cents.

First thing I did when we left was call one of my daughter’s teachers and tell her what had just happened. She said she was so sorry and that never should have happened. She said she knew for a fact that my daughter’s name had been sent to the Central Office.

So Who Dropped the Ball?

I am so upset that such an important and exciting evening for a little girl who worked so hard this year and deserved it; had to turn out this way. The School System tells us parents when, what, where and in what manner to do things and expects us to do it correctly. Well I expect them to get something as important as this correct!

When I was growing up I was taught that you are responsible for what you say and do and if you do something wrong you make restitution for it. I think this should apply to everyone whether you’re a big shot in Central office or school staff.

Someone needs to step up to the plate and tell my daughter they messed up and apologize to her in person!


Penni Sheets

 UPDATEI e-mailed the superintendent the other day and ask if they were going to put anything in the paper recognizing the students who made the Strive for Five. I told him I thought it was a good idea to do so, and said you could even say something like we would like to mention this little girl who’s name was left off the night of recognition.

He did not respond to my e-mail