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LETTERS / They Hate our Freedoms

Dear Editor,

“They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.” Baby Bush

 Since “they” hate our freedoms, “our government” has taken steps to remove the cause. “Mainstreammedia’s” unwillingness to cover the National Defense Authorization Act which outrageously redefines America as a “battlefield” and makes American citizens subject to military arrest and imprisonment for life without access to trial or attorney, is understandable; the media works for “our government”. Congress has taken one more step of our ongoing abandonment of constitutional government.

Our “leaders” lecture other countries about how they have to allow protests in the streets as we assault and arrest those who try to do so here. We ignore crimes when they’re committed by the wealthy or politically connected such as the recent Wall Street robberies but lock “colored” people away for life for less. According to current law you can go to jail for a year longer than Conrad Murray got in the Michael Jackson death case if you are caught downloading a Michael Jackson song onto your computer.

In the Middle East we have invaded countries on trumped up charges that oppose Israel and are in the process, like a schoolyard bully, of doing the same to Iran, because, we’re told, they’re trying to have WMD. Iran has allowed inspection of their nuclear facilities and Israel denies they even have any, not to mention their nuclear weapons. Iran hasn’t invaded anyone in several hundred years but Israel has attacked its neighbors more times than I can count, as has America.

Part of being a Republican is being absolutely insane on the issue of Israel and the Middle East.

 Measure the programming of a population by the gap between what people believe about “their government” and realities, Americans arefully indoctrinated. “Mainstream media” is key to this process; nameany American media outlet that was clearly against America’s attacks on Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Panama, Grenada, and Vietnam.

 American officials and “mainstream media” consider our invasions to be successfulwhen the installed governmentis a pro-American regime; how much a government is “ours”.No matter how brutal the regime is what matters is how pro-Americanare they. If a nation is considered free Americans are expected to embrace it but if it’s anti-American or independent, it’s labeled an enemy and “consumers” are expected to oppose it.

Pro-American regimeswill receive generosity from “our government”butanti-American or independent governmentsare targeted for punishment and regime change by sanctions, embargoes, coups, assassinations, and invasions.

American officials consider Iraq to be free, owing to our invasion and occupation of the country although“our government” and military wield supreme powers to make arbitrary arrests, detain people indefinitely without trial, torture people, and even execute them.

Perhaps that’s why “our Congress” is now permanently granting the same powers to “our government” as part of their never-ending war on terrorism. The members of Congress apparently want to make Americans as free as “our government” has made Iraq.

 America is entering a period of social collapse in which “our government” will impose martial law to restore stability.

 I did some checking at www.opensecrets.org and discovered that in 2010, lobbyists “buying” legislation in Washington spent more than $3½ billion which explains American politics:  lobbyists spent more than $6 ½ million for each member of the House and Senate.  With that kind of money being thrown around, is it surprising that genetically modified foods are allowed which could forever damage the environment, or your health?

Cash talks, and absent a caring constituency at home that picks up the phone regularly to weigh in, and seldom shows up at district meetings if there are any, why shouldn’t it?

Is there a way for “We The People” to reclaim ownership from the advance of coldblooded, tax-dodging transnational corporations that pay no tax while job-jacking our futures?

 Politicians constantly raise “our values.”  What are these values?  Indefinite imprisonment without conviction in a court, Torture, Warrantless searches and home invasions,an epidemic of police brutality,Restriction of free speech and peaceful assembly rights. Unprovoked aggression called “preemptive war.” Interference in the elections and internal affairs of other countries and Economic sanctions imposed on foreign populations whose leaders aren’t in Washington’s pocket.  

 Nationalism is ‘the cocaine of the Middle Class’. Nothing unites people like a common enemy, and the time-tested trick to get an entire society to forget about their nationaldifficulty is to start a war.


Craig Dudley