LETTERS / Renewed Hope

Published Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 10:28 am

Dear Editor;
For disclosure sake – I was always NBC for the 2016 elections. (No Bush Clinton). Its not that they lack good attributes, but rather, they represent the past. As long as there is any hope for the future -embracing the past is stagnation. Like many people I am frustrated with national establishment politics on both sides. After all since 2000 we have had a Republican president and a Republican congress and a Democrat president and a Democrat congress and neither fixed long term problems, illegal immigration, flat/fallen wages, issues of national security, universal health care, etc.
Many of the fixes are simple, but due to political expediency on both sides, nothing gets resolved.
Is it any wonder that outsiders and different political government types are gaining ground. While it does introduce uncertainly, it also produces hope. If it comes down to Sanders or Trump, I am not sure which I will vote for (or against ), but either is preferred over the establishment.
The more interesting question is – assuming one or the other becomes president -will the establishment in one or both parties decide to block all progress, then in 2018 will the field become crowded with citizen states persons? If the answer is yes, then that will mark true change and be in the spirit of the “Founding Fathers ” as they understood career politicians easily slip into forgetting why the government exists in the first place. Thomas Jefferson had it right when he stated “we should not have political parties


Bill Mortez

Boone, NC

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