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Boone Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn: Why Go, What to Expect? Friday, June 29 at the Council Chambers

By Anthony Wyatt

Downtown Boone
Photo by Paul T. Choate

June 25, 2012. As the Town of Boone continues its ongoing projects to expand the sidewalk system, renovate historic buildings and further develop local cultural activities, area residents have the opportunity to learn more about these programs and voice their opinions at a Lunch & Learn event scheduled for Friday, June 29, at the Council Chambers on Blowing Rock Road. 

The town’s projects seek to enhance to appearance of downtown, further the “re-utilization of iconic buildings in Boone” and encourage people to come downtown for both recreation and business, said Dr. Dan Meyer, president/CEO of the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce.

By expanding Boone’s accessibility and making the downtown more vibrant, the town hopes to offer locals and visitors alike more opportunity to walk, dine and take in theater. Whether getting people on their feet, giving them the chance to use the renovated post office or drawing in more local business, Boone’s Public Works projects are sure to enhance the life, leisure and culture of downtown.

Since the town’s undertakings are meant to benefit the entire Boone community, all residents are invited to attend the Lunch & Learn event. Anyone interested in learning more about the advancement of local arts, new business prospects, walkability improvements or simply discovering what the future holds for the town’s current initiatives is sure to take away from the lunch a better understanding of the state of Boone’s continued development.

“I don’t know where they stand,” said Dr. Meyer. “I look forward to hearing about the progress of these projects. I’m anxious to see what they are going to do next.”

The lunch will be held at noon, and the food will be provided by Macado’s restaurant. Those planning to attend the event must RSVP to info@boonechamber.com or call 828-264-2225 by Wednesday, June 27 in order to receive a lunch. Admission is free to the Lunch & Learn as part of the Town of Boone’s “Hand of Hospitality” program.

The Chamber of Commerce encourages residents and local commercial citizens to come to the event, enjoy a nice lunch and learn how the Town of Boone’s Public Works projects are progressing.