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Asheville Punk Rock Band Zombie Queen to Rock The Boone Saloon With Them Teasters Saturday, July 27

by Becky Petchenik

July 24, 2013  They’re born to raise hell, they know how to do it and they do it real well.  On Saturday, July 27, Zombie Queen will be raising hell at the Boone Saloon on King Street.  The show is 21 and up only, will start at 10 p.m. and will cost $5. 1960s inspired junkyard rock band Them Teasters and one-woman band Unitard are also on the ticket.

935332_495303383857445_1360056785_nFor Zombie Queen, the all female punk rock band from Asheville, chaos and mayhem come as naturally as blood and whiskey.  Known for their high energy and intense stage presence as well as their flagrant disregard for any sort of social mores, often performing intoxicated and half naked, the band has carved out a niche in the Asheville punk scene all their own.  Their down-tuned, muddy, and bluesy licks are sure to please all of the punk rockers for 50 miles in every direction.  

Best known for their now infamous performance on the Orange Peel stage in which Emily Gibbs, the front-woman of the band, smashed a bottle against the drum-kit and cut herself with the broken glass on stage midway through their set, Zombie Queen gained a notoriety  best compared to the Germs hype in L.A. during the late 1970s. 

Them Teasters is named for the Teaster family, owners of the Teaster junkyard adjacent to one of the most affluent gated communities in the High Country. Their Rock & Roll spirit is so engrained in their bloodline that they still refuse to sell their ancestral land to developers.  Their in-your-face attitude is reminiscent of the Misfits and the Ramones with musical influence from Connie Francis, The King, and the Beatles.  

The show promises to be a spectacle worth remembering.  Zombie Queen’s punk sound, Them Teasters’ junkyard soul and Unitard, a true wild woman of Rock & Roll, are sure to burn the town to the ground in a spasm of musical fury much needed in the sleepy mountain town of Boone, NC.