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27th Annual Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition, Exhibition and Walk Held Saturday, July 27

By Mark S. Kenna

July 24, 2013. In less than two weeks the winner of the Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition will be chosen during the 27th annual Rosen Sculpture Walk. 

The national competition showcases 10 different large-scale contemporary American sculptures.  A total of 36 artists and 72 separate pieces were entered into the competition this year. 

The sculptures are spread out along the ASU campus from Walker Hall to Duck Pond. The walk begins at Catherine J. Smith Gallery in the Schaefer Center. It takes place from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, July 27.

“The Rosen Sculpture Competition & Exhibition has been a crucial part of the visual arts programming for the summer festival for 27 years,” said Megan Stage, a spokesman for the Office of Arts and Cultural Programs and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts.

She added that the Rosen Walk and Competition “adds a sense of vitality and life,” to the college campus. 

To meet requirements for the competition, each sculpture must be structurally secured to a concrete pad or plaza with anchor bolts; be capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions including high winds, sub-zero temperatures, heavy rain, snow, ice, and storms; be able to withstand a high traffic student environment; be able to take into consideration the safety of the audience and be relatively maintenance free during the exhibition period.

The sculptures will be displayed on Appalachian’s campus until April 2014.

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Here is a list of the finalists with pictures of their work. 

David Boyajian – (New Fairfield, CT); Dancing Milkweed V; Steel


Jim Collins – (Signal Mountain, TN); Small Bull; Stainless steel and recycled D.O.T. traffic signs

Mark Connelley – (Brevard, NC); Lámhanna; Steel


Mark Dickson – (Tallahassee, FL); Construction to Commemorate; Welded steel

Michael Dillon – (Alpharetta, GA); Artiglio; Iron, stainless steel and bronze

Dana Gingras – (Mooresville, NC); Tinker Toy; Painted steel

Jordan Krutsch – (Greenville, NC); Entrapped Imagination; Steel and red ball

Ann Melanie – (Greenville, NC); small celebration; Painted steel

Marvin Tadlock – (Bristol, VA); Altered; Steel

Glenn Zweygardt – (Alfred Station, NY); Celestial Darkness; Granite, painted steel and brass