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WYN Kicks Off 30th Anniversary With New School-Based Mentoring Program

Western Youth Network (WYN) is kicking of their 30th year anniversary with a new School Based Mentoring Program. This initiative pairs volunteers with a youth who needs extra support in the school setting.

The mentor provides their mentee with academic and social encouragement during weekly lunches or other free periods. Mentors advocate for their mentee in the academic setting and, at times, work with teachers to find and reach the goals of the student. School based mentoring has been seen to enhance a student’s positive feelings about school which, in turn, decreases risky behaviors.

WYN is excited to be partnering with Watauga County School Personnel in this initiative. Dr. Wayne Eberle and Dr. Paul Holden are WYNs pioneer school based mentors. Their commitment will make a huge difference in the lives of their mentee and in our community. WYN is eager to see the School-Based Mentoring Program grow.