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Winter Weather Advisory Issued for Tuesday, Warns Commuters of Freezing Rain, Snow, More Rain

NOAA-logoBy Jesse Wood

Nov. 25, 2013. The Blacksburg, Va., office of the National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory, warning commuters of snow and freezing rain on Tuesday morning.

With a “cold arctic air mass firmly entrenched across the region,” the NWS forecasts that Boone would warm to a little more than freezing on Monday, while temperatures will drop back below freezing across the region by midnight tonight.

At higher elevations, precipitation will fall as snow and change to freezing rain by daybreak. In the lower elevations, freezing rain is expected to occur with a possible brief period of snow or sleet. Rains, heavy at times, are also expected by the afternoon.

“Rain, snow, rain” seems to be the NWS forecast for Tuesday. See seven-day forecast here.

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