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Winners From the 16th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition Announced

Three friends enjoy a swim in Dense Lake after a day of hiking. A relaxing way to cool off in the summer even with a few nibbles from the fish.
Photo copyright Tom Moors, all rights reserved.

Organizers of the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition  have announced the winners of the 16th annual competition.

Tom Moors  and the image Swimming Hole took top honors, receiving the designation of Best in Show. Tom will take home a cash award of $1,000 furnished through competition proceeds.

Cole Siemasko’s image A Horse’s Snowday is the public’s pick in this year’s Footsloggers’ People’s Choice Award and will receive $350 cash award furnished by Footsloggers Outdoor and Travel Outfitters.

Photo Competition Winners List

Best In Show: Swimming Hole by Tom Moors

People’s Choice Award: A Horse’s Snowday by Cole Siemasko

Adventure category: Gliding Through Morning by Mary Presson Roberts ($250 gift certificate to Mast General Store)

Blue Ridge Parkway category: Lone Hiker at Lump Overlook by Kevin Balling ($250 award from the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and a $250 gift certificate from Mast General Store)

Culture category: Three Top Mountain Buckaroo by Kelly Clampitt ($250 gift certificate from Mast General Store)

Our Ecologist Footprint category: Large Scale Graffiti by Jim Magruder ($250 award from Appalachian Voices and a $250 gift certificate from Mast General Store)

Flora & Fauna category: Lena & Grace by Frederica Georgie ($250 gift certificate from Mast General Store)

Landscape category: A Glowing Poinsett Bridge by Tom Moors ($250 gift certificate from Mast General Store)

Pulled over on the parkway for a spontaneous horse photoshoot.
Photo copyright Cole Siemasko, all rights reserved.
This paddler glided across the lake taking in the golden colors of fall.
Photo copyright Mary Presson Roberts, all rights reserved.
The Lump Overlook trail dwarfs a lone hiker seen in the distance.
Photo copyright Kevin Balling, all rights reserved.
Painted Horses & local teenage boys practicing stunts
and rearing their rides pose for an impressive photo.
I found them resting their horses in front of the old knitting mill in Creston, NC
Photo copyright Kelly Clampitt, all rights reserved.
Poinsett Bridge glows among the beautiful fall colors surrounding it.
Photo copyright Tom Moors, all rights reserved.
Lena and Grace are fainting goats in Ashe county with bloodlines originating in TN. They don’t actually faint but freeze and often mimic each other’s movements. When they’re frightened and running, they’ll stop dead in their tracks for a few seconds before running off again. they are often blue-eyed and very shy.
Photo copyright Frederica Georgia, all rights reserved.
The scale of the earth moving project required to widen NC Hwy 221 near West Jefferson dwarfs these construction workers spraying an erosion-prevention cocktail on this freshly scrapped slope.
While we all recognize the need for expanding infrastructure to support growing population and expanding commerce, such massive projects to reshape the earth to our will come at a high price. We forfeit land and scenery for generations, and we yoke our communities to a perpetual tax burden for the maintenance, policing and pollution remediation of every new or expanded road project.
At the very least, the huge long-term costs of these projects should give us pause to research and debate lower impact alternatives.
Photo copyright Jim Magruder, all rights reserved.