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Where’s Phil? Yesterday, He Made a Trip to the Mountain Laurel Family Practice!

After a weekend off, full of relaxation and fun times, Phil Flushing starts his hard work again on this sunny Monday at Mountain Laurel Family Practice right here in Boone!

Taking the weekend off left Phil refreshed and ready to work harder than ever before! At Mountain Laurel Family Practice, Phil is willing to put in 110% of his efforts to flush out poverty in the community. Stop by and help him out–every dollar counts, and Phil would love to see some more smiling faces around the businesses he visits.

Check back tomorrow to see where Phil appears next! He is so ecstatic about his journey so far, and he can’t wait to spend the next three weeks visiting businesses all around the community and meeting more and more people who are involved in helping him better the community and lives of our neighbors!

Yesterday, Phil Flushing made a visit to Mountain Laurel Family Practice to flush out poverty.