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Where’s Phil? Today He Strolled On Over to Napa Auto Parts to Flush Out Poverty!

Today, after a good day at Pepper’s, Phil made his way over to Napa Auto Parts to continue to work toward his goal of flushing out poverty in our community. 

Phil is super excited to be working with the people over at Napa Auto Parts and is so grateful for their willingness to work with him and WAMY to try and improve the living conditions of some of those in our community. 

Poverty and toilets are similar–everyone knows about them, but nobody wants to talk about them! And Phil is here to make sure people talk about him and talk about poverty too. The first step in making a change is recognizing that there is a problem. The second step is to do whatever you are able to do to try and fix the problem, and that’s exactly why Phil came here all the way from Flushing, NY. We know the problem, and that problem is poverty. Now we can make the effort to try and fix it!


If you would like to participate in the fundraiser with Phil and WAMY, please stop by Napa Auto Parts now to find out what you can do to help! Phil takes direct donations in his toilet bowl (so that he can keep everything safe and organized) so don’t hesitate to stop on by and make a donation to him! He would love to meet you. 

Check back tomorrow to see where Phil ends up on Hump Day. 


The crew at Napa Auto Parts is happy to hang out with Phil for the day as they all work together to flush out poverty in our community!