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Where’s Phil? Today, He Stayed at WAMY, and Here’s Why.

Today, Phil stayed at WAMY for a special reason. One of their dearest employees, Colleen Bare, has been working with WAMY for more than a decade. She is the Total Family Development Coordinator for Watauga County, and she will be retiring next month. 

When Phil heard that she had helped more than 95 families rise above poverty, and that for every family that she has helped become self-sufficient she has saved the county $22,000 per year, he just had to meet her. 

In honor of her hard work and dedication to the community and decreasing the poverty rate in the High Country, Phil spent the day in her office, helping her flush out poverty! Being in her office to Phil was like being in the Oval Office!

The gang at WAMY hung out with Phil in Colleen’s office to honor all of her hard work!
Phil respects everyone who works to flush out poverty in the community!
“Wow!” Phil said. “Colleen sure has accomplished a lot while she’s been here!”