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Where’s Phil? Today, He Is Hanging Out At Plan B to Spread Awareness

Today, Phil took a trip over down to Plan B in order to spread awareness and raise money to get people in our community out of poverty. 

Plan B, and the people involved with it, is incredibly community-minded. Their participation in this fundraiser is very beneficial and their help and willingness to be involved will push us even further toward our goal of flushing out poverty in the High Country! Stop by Plan B to hang out with a wonderful crowd of people and meet Phil!


Check back tomorrow to see where Phil lands–nobody knows but Phil, so if you see him first, let us know where he’s at!


From left to right: Finley Greene, Lindsey Stone, Store Owner Melinda Greene and Ramsay Johnson huddle around Phil as they give him their support in his efforts to flush out poverty in our community.
Everybody loves Phil!