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Where’s Phil? On This Sunny Friday, He Hangs Out at Booneshine and Basil’s!

Today, Phil has made his merry way over to Booneshine Brewing Company and Basil’s Fresh Pasta and Deli! Here, he has met the crew, learned the workings of a brewing company and was also able to raise awareness about the poverty levels in Boone. 

So far, Phil has had an awesome day at Booneshine and Basil’s with a group of people who are doing everything they can to help Phil flush out poverty in our community! Phil is constantly thankful to be helping out a community that is so ready to lend their hands whenever they can and to open their arms to welcome and support him at their businesses. 

Check back on Monday after Phil’s weekend off to see where he ends up!

Phil and the gang hang out as they work together to flush out poverty in our community!