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Where’s Phil? He Stakes Out on This Beautiful Day at Pepper’s!

After a relaxing weekend, Phil is hard at work once more on what is almost his last week in the High Country with us!

Phil decided to visit Pepper’s Restaurant and Bar for the day to work with staff there to help raise money and awareness towards ending poverty in our community. He is overly ecstatic to be working with such fun and supportive people who are more than willing to help him reach his goal of flushing out poverty in the High Country!

Check back tomorrow to see where Phil lands as he continues to raise money for his cause. Don’t forget, he loves meeting new people so stop on by Pepper’s today and say hello!

Left to right: Josh Pepper, General Manager of Pepper’s, and Claude Lowder pose with Phil as he campaigns in the restaurant’s entrance.
Claude Lowder was overjoyed to meet Phil, and the two of them are having a grand ol’ time hanging out at Pepper’s!
Chelsea Hamby took a seat on Phil so that they could work together to raise money to flush out poverty in the High Country!