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Where’s Phil? Right Now, He’s Rollin’ in the Dough at Stick Boy Bread Company!

After an incredibly successful day of raising money and awareness yesterday at F.A.R.M. Cafe — having raised $46 just in his bowl! — Phil skipped on over to Stick Boy Bread Company to stay on his roll of getting people in the community involved and flushing out poverty in the High Country!

He is having a blast at notorious Stick Boy today with the crew and customers, so stop on by and say hello to him! Let’s show Phil that our community can keep raising money and awareness everywhere that he goes! He would love to see your smiling faces as you support this wonderful cause to better the lives of those suffering from poverty in our home. 


Check back in tomorrow! Phil only has a little bit of time left with us, so catch him while you can before he packs up and heads home to New York!


The Stick Boy Bread Co. crew gather around Phil to show their support and solidarity with him as he works to flush out poverty in his final days in the High Country.
Phil’s donation bowl has helped raise a lot of money that can be used to combat poverty in our community!